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4 Steps In Hiring A Professional Wedding Planner In Sydney

Step 1. Search for a professional wedding planner. You can find these service providers or a professional wedding planner in Sydney over the internet or you can also ask some friends for referrals. There are wedding planning sites on the internet that you can refer to and they are usually professional that can effectively assist you.

Step 2. Have a wedding planner shortlist. When you search for a wedding planner, you will surely find a lot of names and contact number. Consider some important factors in considering wedding planners. Take a look at the planner’s rates, the professional services offered, the number of weddings assisted, availability and the feedback given by her former clients. Check the website of the wedding planner in Sydney to know more about the professional service provider. List down at least three wedding planners that you can call for an interview.

Step 3. Schedule for a wedding planner interview. If you have already a shortlist, it’s time for you to set up an interview with the wedding planners. One of the things to check on is how time-conscious the wedding planner is. It would be better if she arrives at the scheduled interview on time. The wedding planner should also be dressed properly since she would be facing different vendors such as hotels and food caterers. A good wedding planner is keen to details and with a lot of service provider contacts so she can easily recommend where you can get the service at a more affordable rate.

Step 4. Time to decide. Before you finalize your decision, ask for the previous clients of your target wedding planner in Sydney and talk with them. Find out if they were happy with the wedding planner’s professional services and if the planner was able to work on their budget.  Ask for a cost estimate of service proposal from the wedding planner to help you decide into hiring her. When you have already a decision, call the wedding planner right away so she can block off her calendar. Prepare for a service contract.

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Couple Did Not Let Flood Ruin Their Wedding Day

Weddings are very important to couples who decided to live with one another for the rest of their life. Preparations could take up months or years, depending on how big the wedding is. The couple would have to look for contractors such as marquee hire in Melbourne if they are planning to do the wedding on an outside venue. Wedding fiascos cannot be helped as well as unexpected things occur along the way.

A couple from Borders who got married did not let the fact that flooding chose to hit on the same day of their wedding. The groom Andrew Dun and the bride, Agnes, are residing in Heriot. At the same day of their wedding, the River Eye decided to overflow with water and their original venue was flooded. They needed to move to a new location at the very last minute and they were able to do so with the help from families and friends. They had no choice but to leave behind the marquee they have hired for the occasion.

The couple had been preparing for their big day since the month of March and everything was in place for them to celebrate their wedding the right way. They have decided to do the wedding at Grantshouse where the home of Agnes’s parents is located. It was already decided that they are to wed on the last day of June.

The problem started on the day before the wedding when heavy rain started falling. The rain caused puddles to form on the floor where the marquee was erected by Best Intent, a company based in St. Boswells. This did not bother them at all because it was only a small amount of water. The couple hired a catering service from Galashiels called Gary Moore Catering and they started to work on the decors as well as the tables for the bridal party dismissing the puddles forming as nothing but a small inconvenience.

Around three in the afternoon of the same day, the river overflowed and the whole field was flooded. Unfortunately, the marquee was included as well.

They did not lose hope but rather asked for help from friends and family and they were able to move everything to a new location in East Preston Farm where there is an available shed. An hour after midnight, on the day of their wedding, the new venue is ready. Couples who are having outdoor weddings are encouraged to look for marquee hire in Melbourne in order to make sure their wedding location is protected in case of heavy rain or strong wind.

About Patient Atcho

Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.