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Hua Hin District Solving The Macaques Problem

The number of macaques found at Khao Takiab which is located in the district of Hua Hin continues to increase rapidly into several hundreds. There have been several complaints made by the local residents as well as the tourists staying at a 5 star resort in Hua Hin regarding the nuisance made by the species in the well-known tourist spot. As a response, the district decided to sterilize some of the macaques.

According to officials working for the district, approximately 500 macaques out of the 3,000 population have already undergone the sterilization process. They were trapped at first in order for it to be possible.

The operations were all conducted at the municipality of Hua Hin where the Hua Hin Dog Shelter is located. They started the operation last month and it commenced on a Friday until Thursday of the following week. The veterinarians in charge of the sterilization are working for the (DNP) or Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation while some are studying at the Mahidol University.

The officials who are working at the DNP started the process by putting in a large cage fronting the statue of Guan Yin located at KhaoTakiab. This is done in order to catch the elusive monkeys. Fruits were used as baits in order for the macaques to enter the cage.

They placed the cage on a Thursday and the following day there are a number of monkeys that have already been trapped inside the cage. Visitors on the tourist spot are advised not to feed the monkeys but they can provide food which the officials will be one to give to the macaques inside the cage.

According to the chief of the PhanthaiNorasing Wildlife Reserve located in SamutSakhon, PojThapprathum, the sterilization was a process they have to do in order to control the increasing population of the macaques found in KhaoTakiab.

Villagers have been complaining before about the troubles brought by the monkeys to the local residents as well as visitors staying at a 5 star resort in Hua Hin and various accommodations in the district. Everyone were in agreement that the process was necessary and the locals are satisfied by the actions of the municipality.

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Why Chinese Tourists Prefer To Go To Thailand

Pattaya is one of the tourist destinations in Thailand that leisure travellers prefer because of relaxed and family-friendly beaches. Pattaya is offers more than just a place that has gained a reputation for nightlife and entertainment; there are quiet attractions in the city and lots of water adventures you can experience during the stay. There is a hotel in south Pattaya that caters to business travellers who want to unwind after a day full of meetings and conferences.

The Chinese prefer to travel to tourist destinations in Asia like Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand. Thailand is a cheaper option for outbound Chinese tourists because the prices of products and services are more affordable without compromising quality. There are also direct flights from China to Thailand with relatively low airfares.

However, the 2017 list of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) includes efforts to promote luxury, boutique and other high-end services and activities for the Chinese visitors in response to their increasing interest on spas, shopping centres, golf courses and luxury hotelresorts.

The TAT list also shows the most effective means of engaging with Chinese visitors and how to promote the more luxurious options. While Thailand is certainly one of the favourite destinations of Chinese tourists, other countries in Southeast Asia are making the effort to attract Chinese visitors and enjoy a different adventure.

One example is Indonesia where the government has recently announced its plans to attract the attention of 10 million Chinese tourists by 2019. The number of tourists travelling to Indonesia has certainly increased in number but the country is struggling to reach its goal. Aside from Indonesia, similar efforts are also being made by tourism agencies in the Philippines and Vietnam to encourage the growth of Chinese tourism in their countries. Different marketing campaigns are made including engaging with the Chinese travellers through Chinese social media.

If your reasons for visiting Thailand are dining, nightlife and entertainment, your best option is to stay at a hotel in south Pattaya for easy access to your interests. There is a wide range of rooms to choose from that are suitable for both business and leisure travellers who want a unique adventure.

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Tourists Arrivals Up: More To Avail Discount Accommodation In Bangkok  

According to a recent report, Thailand ranks high among the countries in the Asia Pacific region to be able record good numbers in terms of having the most number of international arrivals that the kingdom is receiving on a yearly basis. In fact, the Kingdom of Thailand is one of the top nations in Asia in terms of total expenses spent by tourists during their respective vacation in Thailand. In fact, for the whole of 2017, tourism officials in Thailand are already expecting 35.1 million international tourists arriving to Thailand which is also expected to generate and contribute 1.82 trillion Baht’s worth of revenues to the continuously improving and stabilizing Thai domestic economy. No wonder why the tourism service providers in Thailand, specifically in the busy city of Bangkok, are busy nowadays, promoting discount accommodation in Bangkok and in other tourist destinations in the kingdom to make sure that arriving vacationists will say “Thailand is worth the money”.


During the first 5 months of the year 2017, Thailand, according to the data collected by tourism officials, have received a total 14.3 million international tourists. The said number was a 2.7% increase from what the country had recorded during the same period back in 2016. One of the contributing factor for the surge of tourist arrivals in Thailand is the fact that Thailand now has a better tourism image plus the addition of new connecting flights with countries such as Russia, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Having these additional flights will mean more and more tourists from the mentioned nations will be able to visit Thailand, avail a discount accommodation in Bangkok and, experience Thailand tourism at its best. Majority of the tourists who arrived during the first 5 months of 2017 are Chinese who made up 26.7% of the said total with 3.8 million Chinese tourists. Tourism officials have been aggressively engaged in promoting various international travel fairs and have been wanting visitors to visit not just the country’s capital city but also the secondary cities as well. Bangkok hotels will indeed have a very busy 2017 ahead of them which is good for the tourism industry and eventually, for the economy.

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Elephant Sanctuary In Phuket Praised By Celebrities

It is not every day that Hollywood Celebrities voice out their support for elephant parks, especially if it is located in Thailand. It has been observed many times how tourist attractions in the country are being criticized because of the obvious animal abuse as well as the unethical behaviour to the animals. This new park is unlike all others that locals are expecting family resort in Phuket to be booked soon for this reason.

The animal tourism in Thailand has been revolutionized with the introduction of the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. The philosophy of the facility is to retire the animals, rehome them and at the same time assist in rehabilitation of the elephants. These elephants are the ones that have been abused for many years by serving the logging and trekking market.

Inside the park, you will no longer see elephants being forced to perform tricks or being used as a ride up the mountains. Instead, they are allowed to live in a setting as close to their natural environment. The animal sanctuary was inspired by the concept used by the Elephant Nature Park located in Chang Mai. It is not surprising that many Hollywood celebrities have sent their praise and visited the park including DJ Kaskade, Leonardo Di Caprio, Coldplay, and Aaron Paul.

According to Louise Rogerson, the co-founder of the elephant sanctuary, they wanted to give back the dignity of the elephants thus they allowed them to live their lives naturally much like as if they are in their natural home.

This means that park visitors will have very limited close contact with the animals but instead they will be able to observe them as they are living in their natural surroundings.

Book a family resort in Phuket and purchase a one-day ticket to the sanctuary for only $117. With that amount, one will be able to see the elephants as they are taking their baths, showering one another and eating tropical fruits. They will be able to witness them walking through mud, hear them honking and see what normal elephants in the wild do.

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Finding The Best Hotels To Stay In Myanmar

Over recent years, Myanmar has become one of the most desirable travel destination in Southeast Asia. With its scenic countryside and wonderful attractions, many tourists frequent the place whenever they have the time and the luxury to visit beautiful places.

If you intend to visit this place sometime soon and are planning in advance for a place to stay, you have a variety of places to choose from. Myanmar boasts of its sleepy beachside towns, peaceful lakeside villas, and world-class hotels. Depending on your preference, each of these options is viable and would surely give you utmost comfort. The different hotels in Myanmar have excellent customer service that would instantly make you feel cherished and at home. From luxuries to comfort, these hotels would ensure that you would have the best service while in Myanmar.

To help you choose the best hotel to stay in when you are in Myanmar, here are some of the best hotels in the country.

  • Traders Yangon. This hotel has an old-school Asian style and charm that would make you feel like traveling in the past century. With glittering chandeliers and dark wood panelling, this hotel features a great view of the Yangon River and the ancient temples in the city. And because it is located in the capital city’s bustling business and shopping districts, you will get to enjoy the busy and fun life of Myanmar.
  • The Governor’s Residence. Wanting to feel like a royalty? This hotel is the place to go. It is set within a colonial-style mansion with its own tour desk that offers fun activities such as guided pagoda excursions, traditional cooking classes, and market outings. What better way to experience Myanmar than participating in its daily activities?
  • Kandawgyi Palace Hotel. If you want to get away from the busy life of the city but still have all the comforts that a guest could possibly desire, this hotel is the best option for you. It is an exclusive city retreat that includes a jogging track and an extensive waterfront walkway. They also boast of their extensive gardens laden with shrines, memorial courtyards, and communal meeting spaces.

Wherever you plan to stay, hotels in Myanmar would ensure your comfort and offer the best services that you deserve. Enjoy the country and experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience that it has to offer.

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Getting To The Summit: Is It Really Progress For Vietnam?

If you read through all the newspaper regarding news about the cable car system, one will be able to realize that it has brought about big changes especially for the towns of Sapa and Fansipan. The legend which is the cable car system located in Fansipan has a total length of 6,282 meters. This was also given recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest cable car route in the world with only three ropes in its system. Each car has a capacity of transporting around 30 to 35 passengers at a time while the entire system is able carry a maximum weight of 2,000 individuals within an hour. The system was also designed to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions thus it is now possible for Fansipan to welcome tourists anytime of the day the whole year without restrictions.

Pham Quoc Long, one of the tourists coming from Hanoi, took his family to Fansipan for the very first time and he was very happy because it has been his lifelong dream to be able to stand at the so-called summit of Indochine. It was not possible before due to the dangerous trek but because of the cable car system, he was able to reach the summit along with his daughter and frail mother, 5 years old and 78 years old respectively.

Local economy in Sapa is soaring ever since the introduction of the highway route between Hanoi and Lao Cai which makes it easier for tourists to reach Sapa.

Despite the good news that the cable car system in Fansipan has brought about to the economy, many groups comprised of trekking advocates are quite disappointed with the construction of the cable car system. It used to be a three days trek going back and forth so one can reach the summit but now it can be accomplished in only 15 minutes. For trekking enthusiasts, this takes away the meaning of having to climb.

The traditional way can still be done for those who wish to experience the thrill of the trek while the cable car system will make things easier for people who can’t do so for various reasons. Now, tourists have more options when travelling from Hanoi to Sapa.

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Thailand Holiday Villas In Every Location Where There Is A Golf Course

Thailand is hoping that golf will give people reason to come back for more. The appeal of golfing in Thailand is not actually so complicated to see. Thailand has its beaches, temples, scenic spots and of course golf courses that can attract players. Golf may not be the main reason why visitors will go to Thailand that is why they are trying to give it some exposure. In addition, you can always Rent Villas in Thailand in every city or town where there is a golf course.

Thailand is already well established as a tourist destination but the nation hopes that it will also become a destination for golf. Golfing in Thailand is not as prominent as its culture, hospitality and sports and Thailand is attempting to change that by bringing golf on top of the list of the tourist’s reason to visit.

Thailand has an ever-expanding portfolio of golf courses and with its quality and quantity including the excellent weather conditions; it is not difficult for Thailand to attract golfers. What golf needs is more exposure.

Exposure is not actually a problem because Thailand welcomed 12.4 million visitors between January and May of this year. This is a 25% increase compared to the same figures in 2014. Tourism income was 592.9 million baht which is up by 25.13%. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is expecting about 28.8 million international visitors for the year 2015 in order to generate about 1.4 trillion baht in overall tourism revenue.

It quite impossible to quantify how much of the revenue from tourism can be attributed to golf but Thailand expects that golf will eventually be one of the reasons to visit Thailand and return for more. When it comes to golf courses, Thailand has more than 250 spread all throughout the country. There is a golf course in Bangkok, in Pattaya, in the countryside of Chiang Mai and the seaside town of Hua Hin. Each of these golfing locations is accompanied by high end hotels and luxurious holiday villas so that comfort is never compromised. During off-season when the weather is not perfect, courses cut down their fees in attempt to gain the interest of golfers.

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