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SKY Bietigheim – A Distinctive Landmark With Frameless Glass Balustrades

Sky Bietigheim rises 67 meters or 18 stories above the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen making it a very distinctive landmark. It made use of frameless glass balustrade on the balcony to ensure that each office can take advantage of sunlight. On the rooftop terrace that is also protected by a frameless glass balustrade is a Jacuzzi which will surely be the favorite of guests because they can enjoy a hot tub and a fantastic view.

The 2007, the city administration of Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart in Germany purchased a parcel of land that was federally-owned. The site was quite challenging because it was situated between 3 of the city’s railway stations. However, the mayor saw the land’s potential and encouraged the construction of a 5-storey building with a design that is guaranteed to make it a landmark.

KMB, the architects, decided to take the plan one step further by suggesting a high-rise development instead of a 5-storey building. However, there were initial fears regarding the financial viability of the project but they proceeded with a high-rise plan after one tenant announced that they would be taking 5 whole storey.

When KMB was given the go-signal to proceed with the plan, the architects brought Q-Railing on board as well as the installer Beck GmbH so that they can create high transparency frameless glass balustrades on the building’s balconies and rooftop terrace.

At first, the city administration thought that location will be a challenge but it turned out to be the selling point. The building’s location between the 3 train stations became an excellent transport link. Additionally, schools, shops and entertainment facilities were within easy reach.

Sky Bietigheim became the town’s landmark because of its bold and dynamic design. A total of about 1,000 meters of Easy Glass Slim glass railing were used on the balconies and the glass balustrades of the rooftop terrace.

If you are interested in frameless glass balustrades for your balcony or terrace, there are glass suppliers near me. Aside from the glass balustrades, other glass products are available from custom cut windows, mirrors, splashbacks, tabletops, shower doors and pool fencing to create a contemporary look in your home.

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Reasons Why Mobile Storage In Sydney Remains A Trend

Although the storage business has been plagued with image problem throughout the majority of its existence, it has been able to regain its momentum towards emergence as it has been benefiting largely from the development of new construction and modern design techniques that enabled storage facilities grab a share of the limelight in the industry. Nowadays, majority of companies which excel in the area of facilitating moves from one home to another, have been employing the use of mobile storage in Sydney and in other cities. For starters, these storage facilities, commonly called as storage units, are those big, covered space made out of durable wood composite, which can provide the space for storing for example, everything that can be found in 1 bedroom. These are commonly used by customers who are moving from one place to another and don’t have the necessary space to put everything in. And mobile storage in Sydney is just one of the many reasons why the storage business has been booming as of late, continuing in gaining popularity even in highly-urbanized cities.

Another reason why the storage business continues to prosper in the digital age is that, the essence of need for storage continues to grow every year and that fact cannot be ignored. In the United States alone back in 2014, the storage business was able to gain 27.2 billion US dollars’ worth of combined gross operating income. Back then, there were 2.47 billion rentable-square feet worth of storage facilities in the whole of the US or, equivalent to nearly 3 times of the total size of Manhattan. The reason behind that whooping number of combined gross operating income by storage companies is the presence of everyday consumer. According to the data, 64% of the consumers of these storage facilities had access to garage in which they can store their extra items at home and yet, the same percentage of consumers, amounting to around 10.8 million households decided that they will keep their extra items in storage facilities. These consumers are using these facilities for a long period of time and, for multiple times of use.

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Private Owned Vehicles In Singapore Must Have Decals

Starting the first day of July this year, all private owned vehicles in Singapore must display the required decals on the windscreens of their cars.

The decal display is made of plastic and is 14 cm by 10 cm in size. This is approximately two times a road tax disc’s size. The decals are required to be placed on the front windscreen as well as on the rear.

The decal cannot be tampered with because police officers and authorities will be able to distinguish a decal that has been removed and put back in place.

According to LTA or Land Transport Authority, the requirement of the decals is done in order for registered cars under private ownership to be easily recognized. Authorities will be able to conduct any search and questioning for vehicles that are utilized as chauffeured services or hired in any way by hailing passengers on the road.

Owners of private vehicles should register their car before February 28 in order to get the tampered-evident decals for free. After that date, registering owners will have to pay a fee of $20 for a pair of decals.

For the front windscreen, the decal must be placed at the upper right corner while on the rear windscreen the decal must be positioned at the upper left corner.

Owners of private vehicles may not get a copy of their decals from authorized locations only – Uber, Grab affixing centers, STA inspection centers and Vicom/JIC inspection centers. They will also be the one to affix the decals on the cars.

Private vehicles without the decals will be violating the Road Traffic Act though the agency hasn’t released a guideline regarding the penalties yet.

During regular vehicle inspection, the decals will be part of the car which will be inspected as well. Road tax will not be subject for renewal unless owners have acquired their decals.

All owners of registered private vehicles have already been notified via mail and the number is approximately around 30,000.

Car signs in Sydney are also a common thing though most vehicle wrapping covers the entire vehicle unlike the decals which are quite small and can be passed off as a parking sticker.

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Smart Cards From A Card Management System: Their Benefits

The future is almost here. Everything is technologically-advancing at a pace we can’t keep up. Before you know it, computers will now control everything and human won’t even need to work. One of the technologies that is continuing to advance to this very day is the card management system. This specific system is usually employed by bank and government agencies for identification purposes.

The use of smart cards which are parts of a good card management system is now becoming a trend especially in industries such as the baking industry and the BPO industry. That’s why the card management system which the cards belong to must be always safe from fraud and other unwanted interferences. Imagine if the cards are easily breached and be manipulated, the safety of the card owner will be compromised and the results are catastrophic to say the least. But make no mistake about it. Using smart cards nowadays is very much beneficial and below are some of the reasons why you should too, switch to smart cards:

  • Since most smart cards contain vital information of their owners, these cards are made relatively secured meaning one cannot simply use a decryption method to crack and decode the information that is stored in the cards themselves. Smart cards, especially those used for payment purposes have microprocessor chip which is embedded at the heart of the cards and they always need to make contact with an actual card reader to be used. This takes way, or lessen to say the least, chances of identity theft especially with credit cards.
  • Smart cards like credit cards and debit cards takes away the need of bringing out a huge amount of money. Let’s face it, nobody feels safe when you know you have a lot of money in your wallet because you will always worry about it getting stolen. In other words, transporting smart cards is a lot easier than having to withdraw big amount of money every now and then.
  • As mentioned above, smart cards, especially those that are given out by government agencies for benefits to be availed easily, cannot be easily be used for fraud. For example, smart cards can be used for workers who have temporary working permits. This way, the workers cannot change any information he/she put in the card information sheet. Using smart cards prevents or lessen the possibility of any kind of anomalies.

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Two Phases Of Aluminium Manufacturing Process

The aluminium manufacturing process comes in two phases; the Bayer process and the Hall-Heroult process. The entire process is accomplished in 9 steps. Here they are:

The Bayer Process

  1. The first step is the crushing of the bauxite ore. After that, mix the ore with caustic soda and process it in a grinding to. The result would be water suspension or slurry which contains fine ore particles.
  2. The slurry is then pumped into a digester and heated to 230-520°F (110-270°C) under pressure of 50 lb/in(340 kPa) for half an hour to several hours.
  3. The hot slurry becomes sodium aluminate solution and is passed through a serious of flash tanks.
  4. The heated slurry is pumped into a settling tank. The phase allows the slurry to rest and for its impurities to settle. The residue that settled at the bottom of the tank is called red mud. It is a mixture of fine sand, oxides of trace elements like titanium and iron oxide.
  5. When the impurities are removed, the remaining liquid is pumped through sets of cloth filters. Any impurities are trapped and removed through the filters during this aluminium manufacturing process. The collected materials are washed to obtain alumina and caustic soda that can possibly be reused.
  6. The purified liquid is pumped into a set of six-story tall precipitation tanks. Alumina hydrate seed crystals are added in every tank. The seed crystals increase as they settle in the liquid and dissolve the alumina.
  7. In the process, the crystals precipitate and settle at the bottom of the tank. They are removed, washed and transferred to a kiln for calcining or heating. A conveyor moves the crystals into cylindrical kiln. Water molecules are driven off by 2,000° F (1,100° C) temperature leaving anhydrous or waterless alumina crystals. After that, the crystals are passed through a cooler.

The Hall-Heroult Process

  1. Alumina crystals are melted in a molten cryolite at 1,760-1,780° F (960-970° C) temperature to form an electrolyte solution.
  2. The last aluminium manufacturing process is the moving of crucible into a potline to collect molten aluminium and transfer it into a holding furnace and cast for moulding.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Advantages Of Getting ITIL Training Certified

ITIL means Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of practices and foundation network that is widely accepted by successful companies all over the world to manage their IT related services. The main goal of ITIL is for companies to provide better quality service to its customers and to immediately resolve issues that may infiltrate IT systems. With an optimum working IT system and framework, a company provides better service handling experience to their customers thereby increasing their business performance and profitability. Because of the benefits provided by ITIL framework, most companies encourage their employees to take ITIL training and sometimes the company event provide onsite training to their employees.

To simply put it, ITIL framework is a set of procedures and techniques that are proven effective and with the right training and information, an employee can work better, efficiently and effectively while yielding better performance and results. Some of the notable benefits of getting ITIL certification include the following:

Higher Pay

Better work performance warrants higher pay from the management. Aside from better performance, if you have certificates to go along with the performance, the management will have no other reason not to give you a higher position and a salary increase. In fact, ITIL –certified employees in the United States are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry.

Developed Skills

One of the advantages of getting an ITIL training for certification is that you get additional skills that you can use in the IT industry. Additional skills will always get you somewhere whether professionally or on a personal development level.

Better career opportunities

As mentioned earlier, getting certified with ITIL paves the way for career opportunities. While others are just planning to take the training and some are still learning the ropes, you might as well get ahead and be certified. This way, when the management looks for a team leader, they will always look for somebody who has already gone through ITIL training and one who is already adept of the foundation that others are just starting to familiarize.

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How to Choose An Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

The quality of the equipments you will use will have an influence on the product of your work. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance that you choose your industrial equipment manufacturer wisely. With all the manufacturers out there, choosing the right one could be a challenge. But you might get an idea or two if you would look at the following tips:

Years in the industry

One of the things that you should look into when looking for a manufacturer of industrial equipment is the number of years the manufacturers have been in the industry. The longer they been in operation means that they have a strong list of followers who trust their products. The number of years in operation means that they have perfected their manufacturing process thereby giving their customers high quality products with poured in innovation by their product makers.

Quality of service

You should also prefer industrial equipment manufacturer that are proven to provide quality service to their customers. You can tell if they are dedicated to pleasing their customers by they offer their services. They should be efficient and fast when responding to customer query and requests for quotes. To find out if your target manufacturer of industrial equipment provides optimum quality service, check for customer feedback on their website or you can also review discussion boards to find out what their previous and current customers have to say about the company.

Affordability of products

Apart from getting high quality products and accurate service, it would be best if you would opt for an industrial equipment manufacturer that offers products at competitive price and offers ways to reduce their customer’s expenses for industrial equipments. To find out how you can lower your expenditures, talk to the manufacturer’s customer service representative or agent to find deals and discounted items that you need. You can also request for quotation to find out how the company fares with their competitors in the market. You might also want to ask for quotes from other manufacturers to easily compare prices and decide where you are going to purchase your needed equipment.


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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.