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Ensure You’re Booked In A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit When Planning To Visit Thailand

Many travellers from around the world just love to come to the beautiful country of Thailand. The diversity of the country just makes it one reason behind its popularity. From cultural differences to the geographical diversity, Thailand has practically anything to lure a traveller. There are beautiful mountain regions with deep green valleys in the North, enticing coastlines and beaches in the South, jungles in the east, and plains at the centre. Also, a variety of cultures are almost visible in other parts of the country. The Thais, with their alluring feature, also welcome foreign guests with their warm hospitality. So if you start your tour in Bangkok, you can have yourself booked in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit for an excellent accommodation. Below are some points to consider while planning your trip to Thailand.

When’s the Best Time to Visit

As mentioned earlier, Thailand is a country of variety. There can be diverse landscapes where the weather conditions can vary. Though the country is open for travellers anytime of the year, you can visit it during the best months like November till February. The weather in these months is just perfect for a vacation. Summer can run from March till November. If you’re planning a visit to the coastal areas of the South, go there between March to April. However, you need to avoid the rainy season from May to October.

Which Places to Go?

First and foremost, you need to drop by Bangkok as your first destination of your holiday tour. Ensure you are booked in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit to enjoy your vacation. In this city, you will find the Wat Phao, Grand Palace, Madame Tussauds Dream World Bangkok, Crocodile and Elephant Shows and a lot more. You can also enjoy various watersports, adventure games, ayurvedic treatment and spas, superb shopping and pulsating nightlife.

You can also visit the neighbouring Phuket and Pattaya where you enjoy the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere by the beach. The stunning scenery, tropical weather and easy access from Bangkok make it perfect especially for honeymooners. You can also enjoy the tiny islands surrounding Phuket. In Pattaya, you enjoy a holiday full of fun and thrill. There’s also a pulsating nightlife to enjoy with night clubs, go-go bars, discos and massage parlors.

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How Deceiving Can A Free Mini Bar In Sukhumvit Be?

People are somehow curious as to how most of them take goodies from a hotel mini bar. For those that do, they may be desperately hungry for food or drinks after reaching their hotel room late at night with an empty stomach. Or probably they want to take a quick snack or beverage that they regularly indulge in. People will apparently take food items from the free mini bar in Sukhumvit as the hotels could not have placed them there if they were not moneymaking.

Once I attended a conference in Bangkok with a brand new consultant who was not familiar with the institution of a hotel minibar. Many of the food items were beautifully laid out on a cabinet with a price tag clearly to the side. He thought all these goodies were free. He snacked away both nights of the conference, thinking that the hotel was really great for supplying him with all of these neat food items. He was really stunned when he checked out and had over $60 on his bill for these munchies. Fortunately, he did not partake in any of the adult beverages or his bill could have tripled the amount!

Most travellers booked in a Bangkok hotel will probably think that the free mini bar in Sukhumvit is free, when in reality it is not. Some travellers can have the items removed at once upon check-in so that they won’t be billed for items they don’t have intentions of using. There are also those who refuse to accept the key to the refrigerator upon checking in. So before you check out from a Bangkok hotel, ensure that any items found in the minibar have not been eaten or drank.

So in my travel to Bangkok every now and then, I have not taken any food item from the free mini bar in Sukhumvit for years. If I did, I could be charged for a bottle of water, soda or candy bar, that comes with a high price. I could buy 3 bottles of wine for what the hotel lounge can charge for a ½ bottle. Room service may seem cheaper as compared to the menu shown; but I’m not definitely buying food taken from the hotel’s minibar.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Book Yourself In An Asoke Boutique Hotel In Bangkok

Sukhumvit is one of the busiest areas in Bangkok, which is filled with office buildings, luxury and budget hotels, and practically any business under the sun, that is catering to foreign tourists and expats on a holiday in Thailand. It is also in Sukhumvit where you find Nana and Soi Cowboy, the two most popular red light districts. You can book yourself in an Asoke boutique hotel if you’re around these areas.

Those planning to spend a lavish vacation in Bangkok often choose to stay in hotels in the Sukhumvit district. It is here that you find luxury and moderately priced hotels. But with so many hotels competing for tourist dollars, it may seem easy to find hotels on a budget which range from 1000baht to 1500baht per night. If you opt for the best Asoke boutique hotels here, you need to prepare yourself with loads of money.

Sukhumvit Road begins with Soi 1 and it’s where Nana red light district begins. You can find 4-star accommodations and budget hotels from here. These hotels are suitable for honeymooners especially that it’s located in the Nana red light district. It’s also great to search for newly opened hotels in Bangkok which offers free nights especially after a minimum period of stay.

Further down the Sukhumvit Road near the Asoke Junction and adjacent the Soi Cowboy red light district, there are more inexpensive accommodations to try worth 1300baht per night. You can also find more Asoke boutique hotels that can offer comfort and more good night sleep, despite being in the lively section of Bangkok.

A major advantage for staying near these hotels is having you near the sky trains running on elevated train tracks right about the Sukhumvit Road. These are actually the most popular and most efficient ways of commuting to get around the commercial shopping areas of Bangkok.

So before you travel to Bangkok, you may wish to search online for some Asoke boutique hotels, which provide you great accommodations. Check with your travel agency if they know some great hotels to book an accommodation along the Sukhumvit Road.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Conferences As A Platform For Companies To Generate Brand Awareness

Conferences are usually a meeting among a large group of individuals or companies that are involved in a certain field or industry. Usually, the venue must suit the attendance numbers and the needs of the event. For example, conference room in Bangkok is suitable for a wide range of events, business conferences and product launches. It is situated in a convenient location that is near BTS train stations.

Not all conferences are typical. There is a type of conference called user conference that is hosted by Utah tech and not-so tech companies. The conference can be attended by hundreds or thousands of consumers who need an avenue to be heard. User conferences are becoming common in Utah because customers and their loyalty are an integral part of a successful business.

User conferences bring together exceptional education, training and networking for the customer base. The gathering of users generates mutual respect, loyalty and long term relationships. However, the bottom line of user conferences is to provide a platform for businesses to be able to provide their customers with in-depth training and interaction with the brand.

One example is BambooHR, a human resource software company that offers relevant and industry-certified conference trainings for continuing education. Other organizations like Domo focuses on different disciplines that include marketing, sales, operations and product training.

Companies pay astute attention to what attendees can experience from the conferences. Aside from internal leaders and experts, organizations are bringing in prominent personalities like Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Netflix chief talent Officer Patty McCord, Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Chicago Cubs’ Theo Epstein.

To mix fun and connection, organizations are mixing everything up from morning yoga to evening cocktails with the industry experts. On the aspect of entertainment, low-key fun and games are provided including star-studded events with well-known entertainers and concert celebrities.

The choice of venue is one of the major decisions that have to be made by conference organizers. Once you have a good understanding of the event size and requirements, you can book for a conference room in Bangkok in advance so that you will still have ample time to plan other critical aspects of the conference.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

The Rising Demand For A Bangkok Residence Through CPN Residence

SET-listed Central Pattana Plc with its residential development arm, CPN Residence Co., affirms its success in the provinces as it plans to construct an upscale detached-housing project and three new condominiums worth a combined 2 billion baht in 2018. It’s newly constructed Bangkok residence intended for young adults in Thailand.

According to KreeDejchai, managing director of CPN, homebuyers in the high-end and middle markets outside Bangkok can afford to buy these residences. He views a real demand for condominiums among younger people who prefer nothing but convenience.

“The condominium is near the vicinity of a shopping centre that will meet demands of both investment buyers and real buyers who plan to rent out their units,” he continued. Like most condominium buyers, they want to settle in an area where everything is accessible.

One of the new residential projects, he said, will be a detached-housing estate with units priced at 10 million baht. A condominium project will also be situated in Bangkok.

In the year 2022, CPN Residence should have around 10 billion baht in income with two-digit annual growth in the coming five years. This can mean a lot of sales just for buying a Bangkok Residence in the area.

For this month, CPN Residence will launch two new condominiums tagged at a combined price of 1.5 billion baht under the Escent label in northern Thailand.

Worth 600 million baht, Escent Ville Chaing Rai will be situated near the CentralPlazaChaing Rai on PHahonYothin Road. The two buildings will have eight storeys with 320 units tagged at 1.49 million baht each.

Worth 900 million baht, Escent Ville Chaing Mai will be situated in the same area as CentralFestival Chiang Mai. The two buildings will have eight-storeyswith 450 units tagged at 1.95 million baht each.

“We are somehow reviewing qualifications of our homebuyers in the three condominium projects in KhonKaen, Chiang Mai and Rayong and hope to hand over the units by February 2018,” said Mr. Kree. “We plan to materialize 3 billion baht from these people.”

Looks like the market for a Bangkok residence is higher and many homebuyers will surely be interested and challenged to buy it.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Money-Saving Tips In Booking At Modern Hotel In Bangkok

There are those who want to get into a vacation but are discouraged with the amount or money required for the vacation. However, there are ways to save money even if you are going to stay in a modern hotel in Bangkok or along its busy commercial districts. The only thing you have to do is find ways on how you can get more value for your money. Choosing discount accommodations in hotels is one. Aside from that, here are other interesting ideas to lower your overall expenses.

Forget about the view

It would be nice to wake up to a beautiful sunrise with fluffy clouds around especially if you booked in a sky rise hotel. However, you will not be staying in your room the entire day because you will go out to discover Bangkok along with the huge shopping malls, ancient temples or go to a nearby beach. Corner rooms or those with better view are generally more expensive. If you will spend most of the day outside your hotel room, it would be impractical to pay more for the view. Book for a standard hotel accommodation as long it is clean and comfortable with basic amenities that you will need during your stay.

Opt-out from additional services            

The rates of modern hotel in Bangkok are basically affordable. However, with extra services such as valet or parking fee, fitness centre and other amenities could entail additional charges. Find out if the service is free. Otherwise, only opt in for the service if you would really need it. The complimentary services are generally indicated at the hotel website so you would know right away which service is offered for free. Avoid room deliveries as there are extra charges for it. You might also want to book in a hotel with complimentary breakfast and free internet use.

Choose packages and bundles

You can also reduce your accommodation costs in a modern hotel in Bangkok by going for packages such as bundled room accommodation with your plane ticket. Check from your airline on how you can save on their offered packages and deals.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

The Real Deal Among Restaurants

In a recent conference held in Columbus, Ohio, Tom Krouse who is the president as well as the CEO of Donatos Pizza gave a speech to the partners in franchising and general managers who are present. During the speech, he gave a gentle reminder for people in the restaurant industry that their business does not end in food transactions and selling beverages. They may be using a variety of restaurant software but the truth is that the industry is unique as they are able to give more rather than receive.

They are officially organizing special moments in their customers’ lives. Krouse explained this by saying that they earn around $13.89 for a single order of pizza but when they think about what they give, it comprises of a lot more including connections with customers, quality, value, strong community ties, training, first jobs, smiles, hospitality among many others.

Thinking deeper into what he said, one can determine that he is right. In exchange for the hard-earned money the customers are paying for the food and beverage, the restaurant gives back to them and the communities by providing employment not only to the members and staffs of the restaurant but to the local supplier, contractors, software sellers, brokers, health inspectors, manufacturers, realtors andadvertisers. The restaurant pay taxes which contribute in improving the community through repair in infrastructures, parks, hospitals, police and fire departments and green spaces.

The salary that restaurant employees receive helps them in purchasing their own house, get better education, support local charities, start their own families and be able to raise them. The most important aspect is that through the foodservice industry, the future workforce of the country is trained with valuable skills on both life and job aspect and they learn leadership at a young age.

Many of these workers will not remain in the foodservice industry for the rest of their life but the skills, such as quality, teamwork, patience, service and selling, that they learn will be useful to then in whatever work they tackle later in life. As the foodservice industry moves forward with technology and restaurant software, it remains to be an essential part of every community.

About Patient Atcho

Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.