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Slack Offices Now Equipped With Sound Proof Glass

At the beginning of this year, Slack which is a software developer for workplace moved to their ne w office which is located in the Lower Manhattan. The office embodies that very core of the business which is to provide communication between offices that has no obstacle and is flowing freely. They contracted the designer based in New York, Snohetta, to create the interior of the headquarters spanning 12,000 square feet. The concept of the design is to promote spontaneous and unobstructed communication with the help of sound proof glass partitions.

They decided not to use opaque dividers or walls during the office organization. With this solution, they were able to create a plan that follows a grid arranging the rooms for breakout as well as for meetings. This is in line with a central corridor that is open and encourages accessibility among coworkers. This is perfect as the company is striving to provide messaging software that promotes exchanges of thoughts and ideas inside the workplace.

The transparent partitions are installed in order to create a division from the six conference rooms as well as an executive boardroom that is larger compared to the other rooms. There are also nine booths inside the office that are created using tempered glass from Muraflex. The sound transmission level of the glass is only 37 to make sure that there is privacy between rooms but workers can still see one another in separate rooms. Architects also added a fun side to the design by using colored film that is cut into various shapes and has different colors that follows the logo of Slack.

The glass walls are chosen b y the architects not just to represent the culture of the company but to incorporate modern vibe into the building since it was built in the 1880s. The firm’s senior architect, Anne-Rachel Schiffmann, said that they have to create something out of the current footprint. They added sound proof glass walls but they have to retain the original windows. The skylights, measuring 20 by 5 feet, remains untouched as well.

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How To Prepare For Standard Boiler Problems Repair

If your heating system is in need of standard boiler problems, the best thing for you to do is call a qualified gas engineer from a reputable service provider in your area. A boiler repair right when you need it such as during the winter would be an inconvenient to you and your family. Thus, as much as possible, set a schedule for a regular maintenance check on your boiler before winter season starts. To make the boiler repair and maintenance faster and hassle-free for the gas engineer, here are some preparations that you can do.

Hire a reliable technician

The first thing that you might want to do in order to have a satisfactory repair or maintenance for your boiler is to hire a qualified technician. Search on the internet for information or you can also refer to the yellow pages. Another option is to ask for recommendations from your friends or neighbors who recently had their boiler fixed.

Turn off your boiler

If you have already set a schedule for boiler repair, make sure to turn the boiler off a few hours before the actual repair. It will allow the appliance to cool down and be ready for repair. This way, the gas engineer can immediately start checking forstandard boiler problems and fix it right away.

Keep your pets

If you have pets at home, make sure to keep them away from the work area.  You might want to keep them in a cage or have them play in your yard. It would also be best to inform your households that a boiler repair would take place especially if they would be around during the repair.

Remove obstructions

Before the heating engineer arrives, remove all potential obstructions in the area such as furniture, tables and other items that would prevent the easy access of the technician to the heater. Although expert technicians can effectively fix standard boiler problems, it would make the job faster if you would prepare the work area ahead. It would also be best to remove carpets prior to the repair to prevent damage.

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Choosing Between Tiles And Tin For Your Roof

Renovating a home takes a lot of time and money. This is why everything must be chosen carefully as you will be living inside it for many years before any major renovation is possible again. When deciding on roof replacement in Sydney, you might be having a hard time choosing among the available materials. The most common materials chosen by homeowners in roofing, as indicated by the Master Builders Association of South Australia, are tiles and tins. According to Chris Edgar who is a member of the association, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Steel is the best option if you are looking for a versatile material but tiles is best when considering the lifespan of the material, the appeal and the insulation of sounds.

Mr. Edgar said that lightweight steels are usually employed in architectural buildings because it can be formed into curves while tiles require the pitch to be somewhere 18 and 22 degrees. For steel, there is a higher chance of versatility.

The major difference is the weight of the materials because terracotta is quite heavy and can weigh a maximum of 60 kilograms for every square meter while steel is only five kilograms for the same measurement.

Mr. Edgar said that when it comes to cost, flatter roofs are more affordable but it could present problems in the future if the homeowner decides to change the wiring, replace the air conditioning system or repair the plumbing. He added that they look beautiful but requires more maintenance to avoid blockage.

The roof should have a pith of as low as two degrees in order to have a curled edge which will prevent the rain from looping back since it does not have enough speed to run-off.

If you are deciding on roof replacement in Sydney with a desire to add solar panels, remember that tiles can absorb heat but it also radiates to the surrounding when the temperature becomes lower. Steel, on the other hand, allows heat to pass in the material which could heat up the ceiling but dissipation is also quicker.

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Booming Business For Rodent Exterminators

Homeowners in Sydney are urged to make sure that their homes as well as their businesses have been rodent-proof. For the past century, rodents are considered to be pests to humans and many are scared of them. Businesses have cropped up against their furry creatures. There are products and pest control in Sydney developed to put an end to their population. The plague has also been pinpointed to be brought by these vermin.

It has been a part of human lives despite the endless effort to exterminate them. They continue to survive and they are currently thriving in Cape Breton.

In a statistics that was recently published by Orkin Canada, Sydney was found out to be the community with the least rat problem compared to other communities located within Atlantic Canada. The data is based on the amount of calls that the rat exterminator company receives.

After the claim was released into the public, rats became the focus of many discussions. It even started a little controversy because many believe that there is no accurate method which can be used in order to determine the exact number of rats that are living in a certain community.

According to the owner of a pest control based in Sydney, Stephen McLaughlin, in his business they have been dealing with the rodents for approximately four decades. In terms of rat extermination, the last several years has been a record for his business because of how busy they are.

McLaughlin said that their schedules are always full because homeowners are calling to hire their services claiming that they have seen a rat in their property. They are having a hard time keeping up because it is not only dominant in Sydney but in Cape Breton as well.

He found out while in the business that people are more wary towards rat compared to mouse because of the difference in size and how scary looking they are.

The owner of the pest control in Sydney said that prevention is essential to avoid rats from nesting in your property. Make sure to use bait traps, poison and other traps that could prevent them from entering your property.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

3 Considerations In Choosing High School Classroom Furniture

The furniture you purchase and use inside the classroom are also part of your school’s investments. As a matter of fact, the tables, chairs and other high school classroom furniture are some of the things parents would check before they enrol their child to a school. Because school facilities are some of the major considerations for higher enrolees, it is important for your school to have safe and high quality furniture for your students. To choose and purchase the right furniture, here are ideas.

Choose comfort

The comfort of students are important as it helps them absorb new knowledge and retain information. Look for armchairs that provides better back support to maintain good body posture. Students spend long hours on chairs so the furniture have to be comfortable so for them to concentrate on the lessons and prevent body pains.


Choose high quality furniture so you will not spend for furniture repair and replacement every after a few years. By choosing furniture with excellent quality, you save money in the long run. Aside from the quality of the furniture, make it a point to check its materials especially if you are buying tables and chairs that are made of plastic. Avoid buying cheap high school classroom furniture because you are not assured of its quality and durability. Choose sturdy furniture with affordable price to stretch the value of your money.

Excellent design

Another aspect to consider when buying high school classroom furniture is its design. The design should be suited for the type of students who will use it. There are school furniture for primary schoolers, elementary and so on. Buy the type that are suited for the average student but always buy a few extra for the lefties and ambidextrous including furniture that supports students with special conditions or physical disabilities. You might also have students who are overweight and you also have to think about them when buying a new set of school furniture. To check on the design and quality of the furniture, visit the supplier’s showroom for you to personally test the furniture. Another option is to ask for samples from the suppliers.

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3 Tips To Hire The Right Gold Coast Electircian

In order to hire a reliable Gold Coast electrician, there is a need for you to conduct a research to ensure that you will get quality service that will promote safety for your property. There are a lot of electricians and even journeyman electrician that you can hire from electrical companies and even working on their private capacities. However, for a reliable result, hire the right service provider with the following hiring tips in mind.

Ask for valid license and affiliations

The first thing that you should check from an electrician is his license. This gives you the guarantee that he has met certain standards provided by the law and he has undergone proper trainings and continuing studies for him to be warranted with a license. Make sure that his license is still valid and he is allowed to perform electrical jobs in in your area. You might want to ask for a copy of his license and validate it from your local electrical licensing body. It would be additional points if the contractor is affiliated with reputable organizations and if he is accredited to perform specialized electrical jobs in your area.

Ask for proper identification

If you preferr hiring a Gold Coast electrician from a reliable electrical company make it a point to ask for his company ID before you allow him into your house. You might also want to call his company to ascertain that he was the one they sent to you. It is only right to double check the information especially that you can be compromising your security.

Check for insurances

Doing electrical jobs can be risky and any faulty wiring can lead to property damage or even life threats. Thus, always check if the Gold Coast electrician has the right insurances such as liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. In case of accidents and damages, an insurance company will cover all the expenses in curred for life or property damage. A worker’s compensation coverage means that you will not be held liable if the electrician got injured while in the performance of his job. Medical expenses will be covered by his insurance company.

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Do-It-Yourself: How To Make Canvas Print Project

There are some people who appreciate a good artwork when they see them such as canvas prints Australia but not everyone is willing to spend that much or have the luxury to splurge on one. If you really want to have one, there is another option. You can make your own! Do it yourself projects are very popular nowadays and not just for creative people. There are thousands of online tutorials you can follow to make sure you make your projects successfully.

For this particular canvas print project, you will need to have a canvas. As our goal is to wrap the photo around the canvas, the sides of the canvas should be 2 inches smaller compared to the photo. If you have a printed photo that’s 12 by 12 inches, you need to find a canvas size that’s 10 by 10 inches. The photo quality should be the primo one because it is the best and it makes a big difference to the end result. You can have it printed at a local printing shop. You will also need wood glue but get the white one, texture coating, foam roller, small paintbrush, scissors and stapler.

The first thing you will need is to pour or squeeze glue all over the canvas surface. Make sure to put in a thick coating but not go overboard or your picture will be bubbly at the end. Smooth out the glue with the help of your paintbrush. Make sure your spread the glue evenly until the edge of the canvas.

The next step is to place your photo on a flat surface or a table, make sure that it is clean. Carefully lay the canvas with the glued surface down onto the picture. Make sure to align all sides before sticking them together.

Smooth out the surface with the use of a card or squeegee and work your way out from the center to the sides to remove any air pocket. Do the same on the back side of the canvas to make sure that everything is smooth. Fold the sides of the photo and mark the leftover corners and cut them. Put glue to the edges of the canvas and fold the photo. This should be done one side at a time before securing with stapler at the back side.

Once this is done, you can make your projects look more like professional canvas prints Australia by using your foam roller and spreading texture cream all over the surface and edges of the photo. Let dry and it is ready!

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.