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Has Harvey Weinstein Really Been Reformed From His Predatory Ways?

Harvey Weinstein, in the month of October, was accused by several female actors in the Hollywood industry of sexual harassment. Although Weinstein pleaded that the anonymous accusations were faulty, he could not do anything about the accusations made by women who decided to name themselves, and had to plead guilty. Some of the women who reprimanded him for his activities include Angelina Jolie, NatassiaMalthe and Lupita Nyong’o. After pleading guilty and stating that he had a serious disorder to cure, he went and signed up for sex rehab at an Arizona rehab center, probably the best rehab he could go to. But sex therapists weigh in on Weinstein’s condition and state that these are not the actions of a sex addict. These are the actions of someone who is on another level. He uses his influence to try and have sexual relations with different women, implying sexual predatory behavior.

He recently just completed one week at the Arizona rehab center and checked himself out. However does this imply that he is cured and free from his repulsive ways? Experts say that for someone who has been committing such acts for such a long time, one week is definitely not sufficient to get cured. However, when you look at matters from Weinstein’s side, they seem terrible too. He will be facing multiple counts of sexual harassment and rape and will be faced with criminal charges for some of these cases with no apparent statute of limitations. He has also been left by his wife, who is very disgusted with her husband’s behavior, and the Academy has expelled him from his post. Most people would assume that the man would at least try and get his life back on track by taking up the rehab seriously. But instead, he decided to stay as an outpatient, implying that he would attend sessions but live off the premises of the best rehab center for sex addicts.

The reasons why experts state that a mere week of rehab is not enough are listed below. One is that if the addiction is considered to be the disease model of addiction, it may be very difficult to cure is it induces certain chronic behaviors. The second reason is that this case of sexual addiction is actually an issue of intimacy, which needs to be dealt with on a more personal level.

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Cloud Operator Truveris Secures $25 M Funding

Healthcare-tech firm Truveris, known for their cloud computing and healthcare analytics services for the prescription benefits market has recently secured funding for future operations and expansion. The firm primarily operates for the prescription benefits industry, estimated at about $450 billion in total value.

Truveris’ secured funding round, dubbed the Series D Funding, is valued at $25 million. The funding initiative was spearheaded by McKesson Ventures, a San Francisco-based strategic venture capital fund aimed at providing funding to companies and businesses associated with the healthcare industry. McKesson lead the plan and funding totals, with additional funding from the other investors in the funding round making up the rest of the $25 million. These other investors include Canaan Partners from Westport , New Leaf Venture Partners &, Tribeca Venture Partners from New York, and New Atlantic Ventures from Virginia.

Truveris CEO, Faisal Mushtaq released a statement, saying that the strategic investment in the Series D Funding would allow the company to further grow and expand their services, letting them provide more organization, as well as consumers, with reduced costs and improved access to the prescription medications they need.

Tom Rodgers, the Senior Vice President and Managing Director at McKesson Ventures stated why the company took interest in Truveris, saying that the firms’service dealt heavily with the prescription drug aspect of healthcare. Truveris’ data-driven platform enables employers more agency and choice, as well as a more consistent cost pattern when dealing with prescription drug coverage, by giving them access to the prices of a wide range of products, driving transparent competition in the market. He adds that it also lets biopharmaceuticals make smarter, more informed decisions regarding the subsidizing of patient assistance and any relevant programmes.

He says that the biggest advantage provided by the cloud computing and healthcare firm is that it allows greater access and affordability to prescription pharmaceuticals for both employers and consumers alike.

Truveris cooperates with healthcare employers, labour unions, local and national government across the US, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers, consumers and retail pharmacies in order to operate. The firm currently counts 350 customer organizations across the country, with 30 of which being labour unions.

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Southeast Asia As An Attractive Investment Opportunity For Health Insurance Providers

Healthcare is one of the booming businesses in Southeast Asia because of the growing population. Southeast Asia is an attractive investment destination for private healthcare providers because of the demographics and the 620 million population. It is a fact that the most profitable private healthcare providers can be found in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia where there is an impressive medical tourism scheme.

However, it looks like public and private healthcare providers are serving separate client segments simultaneously. It is very rare in the region to find a true partnership between the public and private healthcare providers. A partnership would have been ideal since both are working towards the same goals. They could allocate the tasks and risks to the party that is best able to handle it.

Several countries in Southeast Asia are working to fulfil the goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) towards universal health coverage (UHC). One example is Indonesia that has created a single payer UHC model in 2014 to be able to provide health insurance to its 250 population in the next 5 years. Thailand and Myanmar are also exploring nationwide solutions to improve access to healthcare even in the remote areas.

In most parts of Southeast Asia, government spending on healthcare is growing however there are still emerging economies that spend less of healthcare compared to their counterparts in the European Union. Thailand is the only country that accounts for more than 75% total healthcare funding. In Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, healthcare funding ranges from 40% to 60%.

According to a 2014 study made by the Economist Magazine, the readiness of Southeast countries to do private-public partnership varies considerably because of the differences in demographics, economic development and other factors. Meanwhile, almost all of the Southeast Asian countries have implemented PPP in sectors of economic structures like energy, transport and water.

There is a wide range of options for health insurance in Bangkok to make sure that a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments are covered. An unbeatable combination of flexibility and convenience is offered by health insurance in Thailand to access generous levels of coverage, responsive service and guaranteed renewability.

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Industrial Cleaning Hazards And Risk – Why Professionals Should Do It

Most industries involve the generation or use of substances harmful to humans. Effects to the health can range from mild, such as a simple irritation, to serious illnesses like cancer. Adverse effects can be acquired from a sustained long term exposure, or from a single incident. When employed to do industrial cleaning, it is best to first assess the area so that the cleaners’ safety will not be compromised.

Risk Assessment

The entire process of industrial cleaning in Sydney begins mainly in an ocular visit for cost estimate and risk assessment. A risk assessment is a careful examination of whatever could possibly cause harm in the area, or how to prevent such from happening. Risk assessment is critical and must be conducted by a professional. In special cases, an occupational hygienist may be needed if the industry deals with dangerous substances.

Hazard Identification

An inventory will then be made of the hazards identified, so that on the actual delivery of the service, the cleaners will be prepared for certain risk avoidance and any plan of action in case of risk. There is already a list in place for standardised hazards for easy identification and classification.

Damage and Injuries

Between moving heavy equipment to handling chemicals, there is a lot of instances that things may possibly go awry. There is a possibility of damage to client property, damage to equipment, fatal chemical exposure, third party body injuries or employee occupational injuries. Companies engaged in industrial cleaning in Sydney protect themselves from financially losses with insurance policies.

Risk Management

To reduce the likelihood of accidents which may lead to death and financial losses, it would be best to properly train the cleaners. They should know proper wearing of safety and protective gears, proper lifting techniques and proper equipment operation. This will contribute in avoiding costly work injuries and lawsuits. It is necessary to use caution signs at all times. For example, whenever there is a possibility of fall hazard, a sign must be in place to warn passers-by to tread carefully.


Even the most cautious cleaning business may still experience unexpected losses from accidents. It would be best to supplement the risk management plans with insurance policies. Workers’ compensation insurance cover cost of hospitalization and care in case of occupational injuries, property insurance reimburses your business for damages in case of accidents and a general liability insurance covers the company’s legal expenses in case of lawsuits.


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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

The Relationship Between Drug Abuse And The State Of The Economy

When the economy is bad, drug abuse increases because of the tendency for people who are suffering from economic deprivation to self medicate. However, there are also rare instances wherein the usage of certain drugs increases when the economy is booming. According to a white paper published by researchers from the Vanderbilt University, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the University of Colorado Denver, there is an undeniable and contrary relationship between drug abuse and the state of the economy.

According to the report that was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is very strong evidence that during an economic downturn, the use of substances like hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers’ increases. While most of the studies on drug addiction usually focus on alcohol and cannabis addiction the research made by Vanderbilt University and University of Colorado took into account illicit drugs other than marijuana.

Based on the data, while drug use tends to increase during economic difficulties, a certain number of drugs become popular when the economy is thriving. LSD is particularly pro-cyclical meaning that the drug is used during good times. Meanwhile, drugs like Ecstasy are counter-cyclical. The main takeaway here is the increase in substance abuse disorders during an economic downturn particularly hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers.

However, what is more alarming based on the results of the research is the significant cut in drug treatment policies during an economic downturn. To put it simply, it is a wrong move at a wrong time. The results of the research are very significant in understanding the optimal policy responses when the economy is booming and when there is a downturn. Most of the debates on public funding for drug treatment focus on penalties for drug use. The role of economic conditions is obviously ignored in the drug policies.

Passages Malibu is a drug treatment center that is available 24/7 to extend help if your friend or love one is suffering from substance abuse. While the goal is to help patients recover, holistic therapy methods are undertaken to discover the underlying reason for the alcohol and drug addiction.

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Eye Surgery Services To Be Stopped In Six Optimax Clinics

When we encounter problems in our eyesight that needs immediate correction, laser eye surgery Liverpool is probably the best way to resolve it. All around the world, laser eye surgery has helped countless of people with their eye problems. But in the UK, six clinics of the High Street chain, Optimax, which specializes in laser eye surgery, will stop providing refractive surgery procedures.

According to reports, the announcement came after a speculation that the group had been discussing the potential closure of 10 of their 28 clinics. The six clinics that will be stopping their refractive surgery services are said to be the ones in Chester, Hull, Ipswich, Croydon, Nottingham and Southend. There is also a speculation that the aftercare services will also be stopping in the coming months.

Optimax, has however, promised to provide aftercare services to their patients who will be affected by the decision that is why they do not expect their patients and clients to be inconvenienced by it.

Earlier this July, a rival chain had announced that they will also provide aftercare services to the patients of Optimax who will be affected by the discontinuing of their refractive surgery procedures. According to David Moulsdale, the chief executive of Optical Express, even though these patients had been treated by a different clinic, they still feel the responsibility of helping them since they are the market leaders. He also added that all of the patients of Optical Express have been happy and satisfied with their work and have gone on referring them to other people. This is also the reason as to why they have chosen to help the patients of Optimax; to spread goodwill and recommendations.

Optical Express has offered the Optimax patients a first appointment that would include all diagnostic testing, a consultation with an optometrist and if it is ever needed, a surgeon.

Optimax has neither denied nor acknowledged the rumors of their closure although it would not come as a surprise to many seeing that refractive eye surgery has been highlighted negatively by the media which would also include an active which Optical Express is also involved in.

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Natural Anti-Ageing Cream – A Business Venture Deeply Rooted On Natural Anti-Oxidants

According to Transparency Market Research, the global market for organic personal care products is expected to reach more than US$13 billion in 2012 and organic skincare products will account for at least a third of the revenue. Natural and organic personal skincare products particularly Natural Anti-Ageing Cream is a business venture that is deeply rooted to ancient indigenous practices.

In biology, oxidation is a part of the ageing process and to help slow down ageing, anti-oxidants are used in Natural Anti-Ageing Cream to help in neutralizing the molecules that cause oxidation at a cellular level. For example, if lemon is spritzed on apple slices, it can prevent them from turning brown. By using the anti-oxidant Vitamin C in the lemon juice, oxidation and ageing can be slowed down. In the world of skincare, anti-oxidants can help fight the damage caused by factors like sun, smoke and air pollution.

Pigments that give plants their color or flavonoids have anti-oxidant properties. Since fruits and vegetables have deeper colors, it means they contain more flavonoids and more anti-oxidant activities. Blueberries are considered as the super food that is rich in Vitamin A and C including anthocyanin flavonoids. However, not all people have access to wild crow berries which has more anthocyanin flavonoids than blueberries that are commercially available.

On the other hand, selling Natural Anti-Ageing Cream is more challenging because the results cannot be seen overnight. Organic skin care products for the treatment of acne have immediate visible results. For products designed to slow down the ageing process, a certain amount of trust is involved. Ageing is not usually present on the skin alone but it involves the muscles. If the right product is chosen, it can protect and nourish.

Sparck sisters Cika, Michelle and Amy are members of the Qissunamiut Tribe who grew up picking berries near Chevak on the tundra of Western Alaska. Everything that was gathered was either for food or medicine because traditionally, tundra plants had healing properties. The sisters started developing a line of skincare products based on the natural ingredients that were harvested from the tundra.

Fireweed became an astringent and moisturizer while crow berries became anti-oxidants. These products became the best and most potent of Alaska in a bottle.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.