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Price Comparison Website Aimed To Help Bereaved Families Annoys Funeral Directors In Perth

A website aimed to help the bereaved compare prices of funerals had been boomeranged with legal threats. It has annoyed many funeral directors in Perth about how to compare prices.

The name of the website is “Gathered Here” which aids customers weigh costs of funeral homes.

However, it has received stoppage from the lawyers standing for funeral homes, asking the removal of their listings.

Colin Wong, the website founder got inspired to start the website after his great aunt died.

He said it offers options for loved ones in times of grief with a complex and confronting process.

According to him, the bereaved can often experience undue pressures.

“It may just be a careless statement as many prefer a pricey coffin for their loved ones,” Mr. Wong said.

“The last thing the bereaved wants to feel is not paying much or negotiating and bargaining on the memory of their dead.”

How the website works is asking the bereaved whether they like a burial, a cremation, or simply just viewing. This is what some funeral directors in Perth have to say.

The website can provide options to the nearest funeral home in a certain radius and its cost.

Mr. Wong said, the approach was really simple, having the bereaved pick up the phone and call the funeral homes. They cover around 600 funeral homes in Australia, especially that the total market size is 900.

“It’s like mystery shopping for funeral homes, which we provide pricing information with a click of a button and comparing prices around them,” he said.

Customers can use the website free of charge; however funeral homes that prefer a priority listing have to pay monthly dues.

This is where the website gets its quoted costs.

However, the website has annoyed funeral directors in Perth about the industry.

Darren Eddy, the previous president of the Australian Funeral Directors Association is quite concerned about the issue. He says it is done without the permission or knowledge of the funeral directors. We can’t verify where the prices of the quote came from, and if it is really a valid price.

Mr. Wong stands strong with all the details provided in the website and they insisted that it came from the funeral directors in Perth where they were asked and verified.

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