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Top 3 Reasons For Undergoing Tree Lopping

There are several reasons why you should subject your trees to tree lopping Perth. For one, trees are essential in balancing the ecosystem and without them; majority of species on earth, including human beings will practically vanish on the face of this planet. Apart from that, here are some reasons why home and business owners alike, hire the services of an arborist to do tree lopping.

Aesthetic Purposes

Majority of those who obtain the services of tree loppers are those who want to improve their landscape or physical appearance of the area. With proper techniques, you can make your trees grow in a certain fashion with various shapes and sizes. With proper tree pruning, you can control the growth of your tree including its size. By modifying the shape of your tree through tree lopping Perth, you can have the landscape design that you have always had in mind.

Removal of View Obstruction

Another reason why trees are trimmed or lopped is for purposes of having a better view of the surroundings from the house interior. For this purpose, branches, some part of the trunk and limbs are removed from the tree in order for the home dwellers to enjoy the view without obstructions. In some instances tree lopping is also done to prevent the leaves from accumulating on the roof especially if the tree is too close to the house. At times, tree lopping is also necessary to prevent the tree from toppling down and damage the house or property in cases of bad weather.

Tree Preservation

One of the relevant reasons for tree lopping Perth is to preserve trees. This is particularly true in cases where a part of the tree is damaged by lighting or other natural causes. To save the remaining healthy parts of the tree, it is essential to remove the damaged area. By removing the damaged part, there is a possibility for the entire tree to decay and die eventually. Call a professional arborist today to get information how you can be assisted with. Make sure that you call nothing but the best in your area.


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A Fix For Recycling That Could Impact Packaging

Recycle Across America’s founder and Executive Director, Michelle Hedlund, who is more commonly known as Mitch said that recycling is one of the major factors that could have the greatest impact on environmental change. The company Recycle Across America is known to be an advocate when it comes to recycling and their brainchild is referred to by The New York Times as one of the most essential fixes that has been introduced these days.

The fix is standardized system that can be used when labeling all recycle bins in a nation. It was the creation of a non-profit organization called Recycle Across America. The idea may be simple in nature but it has already caused great change for those who adopted it. According to Hedlund, the method is recycling can have a positive impact on everything related to the environment such as the lowering the level of CO2, reducing wastes that are dumped in the ocean, protecting the sources of fresh water, conservation of energy, to put a stop to the depletion of resources that are limited as well as give attention to the biggest issue today which is climate change. Hedlund does not disregard the fact that there are other measures taken as well in order to answer these issues such as solar power, wind power and other forms of energy source that are more friendly to nature but she expressed how recycling could have the biggest impact compared to all of these.

Hedlund also shared how the recycling industry is not on its tip top shape as there are major problems starting with the garbage bins. She expressed how confusion when it comes to handling the recycling bins has affected the recycling industry. The public should be educated regarding the proper use of these recycling bins and everything will fall into place.

It was in 2011 when the Recycle Across America decided to launch the labeling system and it has now gained popularity and is used in many cities, schools, states and businesses. For packaging supplies that are environment friendly, visit Paper Mart.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Russia’s Shrinking Economy

According to a recent article of Yahoo! News, Russia’s economy is shrinking. There are different factors attributing to the country’s failing economy: the decrease in oil prices, Western economic sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine, and the collapse of the country’s local currency resulting from the said sanctions.

Based on the World Bank’s GPD ranking last year 2013, Russia is the world’s eighth largest economic power with 2,096,777 billions of US dollars. Now, Russia’s GPD has shrunk so low because of the economic crisis it’s facing that it has forfeited its title and is estimated to be almost the same as Spain’s economic weight.

Last year, Spain was the 13th country with the biggest economy on the planet with 1,358,263 billions of US dollar. Spain has always been considered as one of the country in Europe with a weak economy and the unemployment ratio of 1:4 is evidence to that.

Here is the list of the World Bank’s GPD last year provided by Yahoo! News. These are in billions of US dollars:

(European Union 17,350,853)

1. United States 16,800,000
2. China 9,240,270
3. Japan 4,901,530
4. Germany 3,634,823
5. France 2,734,949
6. UK 2,521,381
7. Brazil 2,245,673
8. Russia 2,096,777
9. Italy 2,071,307
10 . India 1,876,797
11 . Canada 1,826,769
12. Australia 1,560,597
13 . Spain 1,358,263
14 . S Korea 1,304,554
15 . Mexico 1,260,915

Russia’s GPD value is not clear these days because of the sudden changes in its value of currency, the ruble, therefore the need to compute it every day.

According to Forbes, Russia’s economy is expected to fall into a recession next year. Russia is being punished for its involvement in Ukraine therefore affecting some of its projects namely the South Stream gas pipeline project which was cancelled. Russia may be winning more in the field of real estate but it is costing them other things
especially their standing in the economy.

Russia’s economy is oil-dependent so this may not be permanent. As soon as the price of oil goes back up, Russia will again regain its rank in the GPD ranking.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Sustainable Solutions To Reduce The Impact Of Packaging Materials To The Environment

With the approaching holiday season, it is expected that online shopping will increase and so with the amount of packaging like shipping boxes. According to eMarketer the projected growth in online sales is expected at 20.1% or $1.5 trillion. Aside from the shipping boxes, there is plastic and cellophane wrapping as well as paper wrapping or foam packaging meant as protection for the contents. It is not unusual for all these packaging products to end up in the landfills which according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reached a staggering 75.2 million tons of total solid waste generated by the United States alone in 2012.

The concern on packaging waste

Companies and entrepreneurs are finding ways to tackle the growing problem of packaging waste. One of the options is waste management through recycling which is making progress with 51.5% or 38.75 million tons composted in 2012. This represents a big increase from the figures of previous years. However, the option of recycling will only work if the consumer is willing to do his part. On the other hand, there are types of packaging materials that cannot be recycled effectively like mixed and hybrid products. Metal which is interwoven with fiber and plastic foam have practically no value in the recycling stream since they are intended only for single use. Packaging that includes tulle, baskets, cellophane bags, wine bags and burlap bags are easily recyclable and are suggested for shipping.

Social media and waste management

Dell is one of the companies that received feedback from social media to reduce its wasteful and excessive packaging using non-recyclable shipping boxes. People care about proper waste management and they are voicing out their criticisms through social media. To address the concerns of consumers, Dell has reduced the sizes of boxes by about 10% and developed bamboo cushioning that can be recycled into paper to replace foam. Bamboo cushioning has eliminated 20 pounds of packaging to save at least $18m on energy, waste, transportation and production costs. By 2020, Dell expects to scale its efforts at sustainable packaging to 100% compared to 60% today. These innovative packaging solutions should be global in scope and not limited to North America and Western Europe since Asia-Pacific is an emerging market for online shopping.

About Patient Atcho

Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.