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Marine Protection Group Requested By Go Eco Phuket

Go Eco Phuket, a local conservation group, has already sent a petition to the Phuket government to create a task force that will handle the marine protection in the island. The request came after they saw that officials are not planning to take action. Go Eco Phuket addressed the petition to NorraphatPlodthong, the governor of the island. It was received by the Office of the Ombudsman at Damrongdhama Center which is located inside the Provincial Hall. The conservation group believes that the marine life in private spa resort in Phuket as well as the other tourist spots in the island should be taken care of.

IttiputSchadt, the secretary of Go Eco Phuket, said that they contacted officials as well as the local police to take action after photo was taken of a diver sitting over a coral but no actions. No charges were filed against the male diver because, according to them, they do not have sufficient evidence.

This is not the only case as there are many cases that failed after submitting to them while many others are still pending. He added that they find it hard to cooperate with officials when it comes to preserving the marine environment.

Mr. Ittiput emphasized that they have exerted a lot of efforts already and it has come to a point where the governor of Phuket, NorraphatPlodthong, should know about the issues.

They are demanding that the government should develop a group of officials coming from various departments such as Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command, Tourism Business and Guide Registration Office, Phuket Marine Office, Go Eco Phuket, Marine Police, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Labour Office should be organizes in order to handle cases involving marine preservation.

Mr. Ittiput said that they have been operating for five years to protect marine life close to private spa resort in Phuket and other resorts in the island but they also require support. He reminded the officials about their duties of protecting the forest as well as the environment as per the orders from the National Council for Peace and Order.

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How Thailand Can Tackle Uncertainties In Global Economy

According to Standard Chartered Bank of Thailand, its resilient fundamentals could serve as the shield for Thailand’s economy amidst the policies of the new American president and the ongoing political uncertainties in Europe. Thailand has strong fundamentals that include accelerated government investment, low government debt, strong tourism, improved exports and the easing of the household debt burden.

According to Standard Chartered Bank, Thailand’s gross domestic profit is expected to rise by 3.5% in 2017 and then increase to 4.5% in 2018 and 5% by 2019. The Thailand branch of Standard Chartered, led the Global Research Briefing 2017 seminar to share its current perspectives on current economic trends and forecasts for the foreign exchange markets and global economy in 2017.

Usara Wilaipich, a senior economist of the bank, said that the Thai government could possibly play an increasing role in driving economic growth and in enabling Thailand to tackle uncertainties in global economy.

Meanwhile the government of Thailand has plans to accelerate the execution of transport projects. Based on the estimates of Thailand’s Fiscal Policy Office, investments of state-owned enterprises could increase to 257 billion baht in 2017 from the previous 66.50 billion baht in 2016. Domestic consumption is expected to rise to about 3%.

The Cabinet has recently approved a supplementary budget worth 190 billion baht for 2017 and hopes that this will boost private investments. Investments from the government are expected to increase by 12.9% this year compared to 2016. Government investments by 2019 are anticipated to reach 550 billion baht. Exports may improve but more likely to underperform.

Asian foreign strategists say that the US dollar will further appreciate this year because of the US monetary easing and fiscal stimulus packages; however, the baht is also expected to appreciate and continue with some easing on volatility compared to other global currencies.

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Getting To The Summit: Is It Really Progress For Vietnam?

If you read through all the newspaper regarding news about the cable car system, one will be able to realize that it has brought about big changes especially for the towns of Sapa and Fansipan. The legend which is the cable car system located in Fansipan has a total length of 6,282 meters. This was also given recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest cable car route in the world with only three ropes in its system. Each car has a capacity of transporting around 30 to 35 passengers at a time while the entire system is able carry a maximum weight of 2,000 individuals within an hour. The system was also designed to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions thus it is now possible for Fansipan to welcome tourists anytime of the day the whole year without restrictions.

Pham Quoc Long, one of the tourists coming from Hanoi, took his family to Fansipan for the very first time and he was very happy because it has been his lifelong dream to be able to stand at the so-called summit of Indochine. It was not possible before due to the dangerous trek but because of the cable car system, he was able to reach the summit along with his daughter and frail mother, 5 years old and 78 years old respectively.

Local economy in Sapa is soaring ever since the introduction of the highway route between Hanoi and Lao Cai which makes it easier for tourists to reach Sapa.

Despite the good news that the cable car system in Fansipan has brought about to the economy, many groups comprised of trekking advocates are quite disappointed with the construction of the cable car system. It used to be a three days trek going back and forth so one can reach the summit but now it can be accomplished in only 15 minutes. For trekking enthusiasts, this takes away the meaning of having to climb.

The traditional way can still be done for those who wish to experience the thrill of the trek while the cable car system will make things easier for people who can’t do so for various reasons. Now, tourists have more options when travelling from Hanoi to Sapa.

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The Relationship Between Drug Abuse And The State Of The Economy

When the economy is bad, drug abuse increases because of the tendency for people who are suffering from economic deprivation to self medicate. However, there are also rare instances wherein the usage of certain drugs increases when the economy is booming. According to a white paper published by researchers from the Vanderbilt University, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the University of Colorado Denver, there is an undeniable and contrary relationship between drug abuse and the state of the economy.

According to the report that was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is very strong evidence that during an economic downturn, the use of substances like hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers’ increases. While most of the studies on drug addiction usually focus on alcohol and cannabis addiction the research made by Vanderbilt University and University of Colorado took into account illicit drugs other than marijuana.

Based on the data, while drug use tends to increase during economic difficulties, a certain number of drugs become popular when the economy is thriving. LSD is particularly pro-cyclical meaning that the drug is used during good times. Meanwhile, drugs like Ecstasy are counter-cyclical. The main takeaway here is the increase in substance abuse disorders during an economic downturn particularly hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers.

However, what is more alarming based on the results of the research is the significant cut in drug treatment policies during an economic downturn. To put it simply, it is a wrong move at a wrong time. The results of the research are very significant in understanding the optimal policy responses when the economy is booming and when there is a downturn. Most of the debates on public funding for drug treatment focus on penalties for drug use. The role of economic conditions is obviously ignored in the drug policies.

Passages Malibu is a drug treatment center that is available 24/7 to extend help if your friend or love one is suffering from substance abuse. While the goal is to help patients recover, holistic therapy methods are undertaken to discover the underlying reason for the alcohol and drug addiction.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

The Growth Of Coworking Spaces And Serviced Offices

Several communities from all over the world are sharing their office spaces with other people from different fields while using laptops and smartphones as their portable offices. A growing number of people are turning to this kind of environment, a different work environment, that is.

Even though informal offices have always been present, the rise of coworking spaces having lower membership costs are becoming more attractive to new companies or startups needing serviced offices as well as independent individual workers wanting a flexible professional working environment.

Coworking spaces are similar to fitness or gym memberships. They both shy away from long-term commitments. There are spaces available for $60 per month for a single use of a workstation or desk, and there are also other spaces offering locked offices or serviced offices.

With this growing rise in coworking spaces, some focus on scale by building several locations worldwide. This broad worldwide network allows their members to use spaces in multiple locations, and this is extremely helpful for traveling members.

The origin of this coworking space trend is arguable. A few trace it back to one hacker space that opened in 1995 in Berlin while others trace it back to a collaborative workspace that opened in 1999 in New York. The official one opened in San Francisco in 2005. Hubs followed in Berlin and London. The field has been growing ever since.

A survey reported that there are over 7800 coworking spaces found worldwide by October 2015. Of these coworking spaces, it was reported that there were only 75 from 2007. This rose to 3400 during 2013. These workplaces have 500,000 members and more which is growing tenfold from 2011. There is a projected growth to 10,000 and more coworking spaces in 2016 according to the survey. These growths are in multiple countries but are expected in the countries of Thailand, India, Canada, Australia, France and Italy.

Whether based through Serviced Offices Bangkok or in a coworking space in Melbourne, these spaces are hugely becoming a dominant part not only for startups but also among individuals like consultants or even employees working remotely from their main offices.

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A New Kind Of Mattress

When it comes to consumer products, the mattress has become simpler by the day. A mattress need not get smaller, faster or lighter. It does not have to charge more quickly neither should it use lesser amount of energy. Since bedding now involves chemical formulas which are rather complicated compared to reeds and horsehair, the mattresses are primarily still a puzzle of textiles.

There are a lot of consumers who are not satisfied with the current mattresses that they have. In surveys conducted by manufacturing companies, many report of back pains after lying on the mattress bed. A cushy mattress is what consumers are looking for. One customer, Jeff Holt, could not anymore take the pain that his mattress gives him and so decided in the middle of the night to order a new one from a more trusted supplier. What most people do not know is that there are companies that are manufacturing and selling mattresses that are soft, foldable, without nay springs, can be squished and stuffed into boxes the size of a washing machine. The companies making these revolutionary mattresses are often referred to as “bed-in-a-box” companies. The mattresses are placed inside a box before they are shipped all over the US. When customers cut open the box, the foam will automatically inflate. This mattress is like one of the dinosaur toys that will swell when placed in water.

The idea was warmly welcomed by manufacturing companies since it was a simple product to create, a great source of quality place to sleep for customers and producing the product will cut out middleman. Companies can also save by skipping store leaser and invest the amount saved to lower prices in the final products. This will attract more customers and improve marketing of the products. A venture capitalist, Ben Lerer of the Lerer Hippeau Ventures and, was thrilled with the idea. His company led a $1.6 million investment in the said product in February of last year. The product soon made it to the market and is now greatly valued by customers. The unique mattress sale has found popularity among customers.

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The Rising Demand For Skylights For Home Improvements

Home extensions have always been a popular way of adding space to a home. It also helps in bidding extra time for the family before needing to upsize. However, although home extensions are useful in providing the much needed extra space, it also has the potential to plunge a property into darkness when there isn’t enough natural light coming through.

Sunsquare, a company that makes skylights for flat roofs, experienced a sudden increase in business over the past few years because people have become more willing to tackle home improvements like extending the kitchen and adding another bedroom.

Kitchens are now considered as the heart of every family because it is the room that frequently gets use. In order to make the kitchen feel more open and to cut down on the use of light bulbs, it makes sense to use skylights. Rising energy costs have led to more publicity about the benefits of skylights. Sometimes, when a room is extended, it blocks the entry of natural light making a room look dark. With the skylights, the amount of natural light is increased and homeowners have less need to use electric lights in dark rooms during the day.

A fast rise in orders for skylights from Paris, London and even New York is mainly due to homeowners attempting to make the best from their cramped quarters. Besides that, homeowners are not required to get planning permission to install roof lights or skylights unless they protrude over the edge of the roof or open too widely.

Extending the home underground has become rather common and Sunsquare is always commissioned for skylights that sit on the ground for basement extensions. This is generally big change for many homeowners because they are using space that used to be overlooked. Others are having flat roof extensions so that they can create an extra garden area.

In the highly specialized category of home improvements, house extensions Perth has the experience in designing and building home renovations, extensions and second story additions. Homeowners are guaranteed of close and expert attention every step of the way for a genuinely competitive fee.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.