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Conferences As A Platform For Companies To Generate Brand Awareness

Conferences are usually a meeting among a large group of individuals or companies that are involved in a certain field or industry. Usually, the venue must suit the attendance numbers and the needs of the event. For example, conference room in Bangkok is suitable for a wide range of events, business conferences and product launches. It is situated in a convenient location that is near BTS train stations.

Not all conferences are typical. There is a type of conference called user conference that is hosted by Utah tech and not-so tech companies. The conference can be attended by hundreds or thousands of consumers who need an avenue to be heard. User conferences are becoming common in Utah because customers and their loyalty are an integral part of a successful business.

User conferences bring together exceptional education, training and networking for the customer base. The gathering of users generates mutual respect, loyalty and long term relationships. However, the bottom line of user conferences is to provide a platform for businesses to be able to provide their customers with in-depth training and interaction with the brand.

One example is BambooHR, a human resource software company that offers relevant and industry-certified conference trainings for continuing education. Other organizations like Domo focuses on different disciplines that include marketing, sales, operations and product training.

Companies pay astute attention to what attendees can experience from the conferences. Aside from internal leaders and experts, organizations are bringing in prominent personalities like Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Netflix chief talent Officer Patty McCord, Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Chicago Cubs’ Theo Epstein.

To mix fun and connection, organizations are mixing everything up from morning yoga to evening cocktails with the industry experts. On the aspect of entertainment, low-key fun and games are provided including star-studded events with well-known entertainers and concert celebrities.

The choice of venue is one of the major decisions that have to be made by conference organizers. Once you have a good understanding of the event size and requirements, you can book for a conference room in Bangkok in advance so that you will still have ample time to plan other critical aspects of the conference.

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