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Factors To Considering To Select A Meeting Venue

Bangkok is the financial capital of Thailand and is home to many of the regional offices of MNCs in the country. Owing to the popularity of Bangkok, many of the companies choose the city for conducting meetings and conferences. The city has a host of meeting and conference venues to suit the requirements of different clients.

If you are planning to conduct an event in Bangkok and are wondering about selecting the right venue to make your event successful, here are some tips to pick the right venue. You can choose dedicated conference and training venues or opt to book hotels with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit and other parts of the city.

  1. Location – Location is an important factor to consider while picking the venue for your meeting. Select a location that is well connected to the airport and other parts of the city. Bangkok has heavy rush hour traffic which is difficult to Select a venue close to the MRT and BTS stations. This makes it easier to the invitees to commute to the venue. Choose a hotel with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit, which is close to the sky train stations and is easier to access.
  2. Size – Determine the guest list before selecting a venue. The venue should not be too big or too small. Select a good venue which can accommodate all the guests comfortably.
  3. Amenities – Select a venue that offers good amenities. If you are organizing meeting for a couple of days, it is better to book a hotel with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit that offers attractive packages for corporate guests.
  4. Meeting equipment and facilities – The meeting venue should have all the modern facilities, like Wi-Fi, audio visual equipment, wireless microphones and video conferencing facilities.
  5. Parking – The selected venue for meeting should have ample parking facilities to accommodate the vehicles of all the invitees.
  6. Food – The venue should provide suitable catering options to suit the requirements of the guests. Most of the meeting venues provide links of the caterers or have their in-house catering teams to serve the guests. You can also book hotels with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit that provide a wide range of dining options and attractive meeting packages for the clients.

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India Startup Companies In Wedding Industry

Wedding planning is never easy wherever you are in the world. Take for example Australia where couples have to book for marquee hire in Sydney and pay for many vendors while also making sure that every detail is taken care of. The costs are not the same as before too. The pressures could pile up and cause stress on the couple’s end therefore these startups in India developed innovative solutions to help Indian couples plan their wedding day.

  • Wedeterna. This was established in 2016 in Kochi. The app makes it possible for a person to find their other half through arrange wedding. The online platform aims to help one get an arranged marriage the traditional way but without the hassle. This way, the bride or groom gets to choose who they can marry instead of relying on their elders.
  • Shaadisaga. It was launched in 2014 by HimanshuKapsime together with Manish Grag, both of whom are graduates from IIT Delhi. Vendors are arranged based on their category such as makeup artists, wedding photographers and decors. Every category consists of a number of vendors. Aside from the products and services offered, they also published a blog related to weddings.
  • Wedding brigade. The online portal was made available to public in 2014 and it is headquartered in Mumbai. This is during a time when there are only a number of startups in the industry. The company became even bolder after receiving money of Rs 10 crore. The services offered by the company are not only all over India but it reaches all over the globe too.
  • ForMyShaadi. It was only two years ago when SudhaMaheshwari launched the website. It acts as a gift registry for couples online. At the beginning, the company received an initial funding of $100,000. Now it has partnered with more than 60 brands which also take a percentage of their revenue for every sale.

Aside from technology, couples can also ask help from family and friends. In Australia, when they need to find a company of marquee hire in Sydney and run to other errands, the workload is divided to avoid too much pressure from the couples.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Tips To Choose The Right Interior Designer In Bangkok

Choosing the right interior designer plays an important role in the successful completion of your home renovation project. There are a number of designers who claim to be the best, but choosing a qualified and experienced interior designer with good reputation helps you to have a stress free and fast renovation of your old flat or transforming your new house into a dream home.

Most of the homeowners are confused and are clueless about selecting the right designer. The cost of renovating or designing your home are huge and hiring the right interior designer in Bangkok will help you to get the bang for every buck.

Here are some tips to help you to select the right interior designer in Bangkok for your home renovation or improvement project

  1. Ask for referrals from friends and family. Choose a reputed and trusted designer who will guide you about the best designs that suit your home. The designer should be willing to offer design solutions to match your requirements and budget rather than selling an expensive renovation plan. Satisfied and happy clients always like to provide referrals and getting feedback also helps you to know about the quality of service. You can also search the internet for reviews and testimonials of different designers.
  2. Most of the designers like to brag about the company they work with. They lure the clients with the pictures and presentations of their past projects. But before you choose the designer, carefully analyse the work of the individual designer assigned to you.
  3. After sales service is also an important factor. Homes require continuous maintenance and there might be some renovation errors. The interior designer in Bangkok should be willing to rectify the errors and support you with sound advice in times of need.
  4. Shortlist a few designer and ask for quotations. Check for the hidden costs and charges that are not mentioned in the proposals. Compare the proposals of the different designer and choose an interior designer in Bangkok offering the services at competitive prices. However, use price only as one of the factors for choosing a designer and do not base your decision on price alone.

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Businesses Angry Over Plans To Remove 14 Parking Spaces

It is very likely for Caringbah restaurant to be among the business establishments that were affected by the removal of 14 parking spaces. Shop owners were up in armsbecause it will be difficult to find parking. The 14 parking spaces have to be removed on the eastern side of Caringbah shopping strip to provide extra space for a right turn lane from Kingsway going to President Avenue.

The findings of a traffic study that there was sufficient parking in the nearby council park and adjoining streets were rejected. According to Mark Speakman, Cronulla MP and Attorney General, he would seek for the modification of the plans to be able to save some of the parking spaces.

The proposal of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) was focused on the improvement of traffic flow and the reduction of delays along the intersection of Kingsway and President Avenue. During peak periods there are long queues on the eastbound right turning bay that causes delays for roads users.

According to the findings of an independent parking analysis last March of this year, there is sufficient parking space for customers of businesses and residents in the nearby council park and the surrounding streets that include Denman Avenue, Hays Avenue and Banksia Road.

On the other hand, according to Ian Dodd, owner of Cincotta Discount Chemist, when the Highfield Caringbah hotel opened last December, it became difficult for customers to find parking. It seemed that the traffic study was made prior to the opening of the hotel. Other business owners said that the plans were unwarranted and absurd. Parking was already minimal and customers have to rely on the small spaces available in front of their shops.

The removal of the 14 parking spaces represents 5% of the total parking space available within the area. The number will be reduced to 5% if the council parking space and the surrounding streets are considered.

Sufficient parking space is very important for businesses like Caringbah restaurant because customers always desire convenience. For example, if a special event is held in the restaurant, the hosts will expect a parking space for their guests.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

America Fist Protectionism Backfires On The US

Even if the business has only one employee, it is required to obtain Tax ID in Ohio so that IRs can track the business and ensure that it pays the payroll tax. Even if you have not yet hired an employee, it is suggested to apply for EIN because it is very likely that your business will grow in the future and you will need additional manpower to help you run the business.

Meanwhile, let us hear the story of Bill Adler the owner of metal parts maker Stripmatic Products. Last year, Adler was invited to bid on a contract that will make commercial sausage stuffers. The company wanted to replace its Chinese supplier and is looking for a bidder that can match China’s price. Adler believed that his company can win the bid.

However, while Adler was preparing his proposal, US President Trump announced the steel tariffs. This resulted into an increase in price of Stripmatic’s main raw material. In short, Adler lost the bid because his costs were too high. Adler is optimistic that the ugly scenario is short term; otherwise, he has to find another way to make a living.

The plight of Stripmatic is one example of the hidden costs of the America First protectionism. As the president seeks to unwind globalization, his logic of protectionism is operating in reverse. On the other hand, there were gains in protectionism if you will look at new solar plants and reopened steel mills. Protectionism might backfire on the US and undermine the president’s goal of reclaiming manufacturing from China.

US steel producers will benefit if metal imports were discouraged but it can lead to a surplus of steel markets outside the US. This means lower prices for the US competitors. An increase in steel in prices will force Adler to reduce employee bonuses and profit sharing checks.

However, threat of tariffs does not affect all types of businesses in Ohio. If you planning to be an entrepreneur, make sure to apply for Tax ID in Ohio to facilitate business licenses, business bank accounts, financing and loans. Aside from the IRS website, there are also 3rd party designees that can provide assistance.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Bangladesh Minister Asks Thailand For Duty Free Benefits For Garments 


Due to innovations in technology, the modern embroidery machine was introduced for mass production. Whether the embroidery is done by hand or through machine, there is still a need for embroider supplies in Thailand to meet the demands for quality in the industry. The trend in the garments industry right now is for high quality products which require quality embroidery supplies.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed made a demand for duty free benefit from Thailand for 36 products that include garments and medicine. Tofail made the demand during a meeting with KobsakPootrakool, a minister that is attached to the Thai Prime Minister’s office because Thailand is providing duty free access to 6,998 items from Bangladesh but garments is not on the list. At least 81% of Bangladesh’s total exports are garments.

Ahmed has also called the attention of Thai investors to encourage them to make investments in Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical sector. Thai investors will be given cash incentives while exporting products should they consider an investment in the pharmaceutical sector. Total investments that Thailand has made to Bangladesh amount to $1.5 billion. Investors from Thailand will also be given allocations in the special economic zone.

In 2016-17, Bangladesh was able to export products worth $48.57 million to Thailand. Total imports from the country amounted to $781.6 million. Meanwhile, Pootrakool has expressed his interest to make investments in Bangladesh’s infrastructure, power, energy and other potential sectors. He announced the interest during the “Bangladesh-Thailand Business Dialogue” that was organized by the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In order for Thailand to import more goods from Bangladesh, it is important to have a deep sea port including the establishment of road connectivity between the two countries. Should plans push through, expect a significant boost to the trade and economic ties between Thailand and Bangladesh.

Embroidery is an important sector in the garments industry which requires quality embroider supplies in Thailand to be competitive with other countries. Embroidery is no longer the domain of a few experts because it has become a widespread and popular technique of applying decorations to garments. You can see elaborate embroideries in many items not just clothing and hats.

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Eric Cheng Of Singapore Acquired Crypto Currency From Japan

We do bank transaction everyday with real cash such as currency exchange Vancouver but with the rise of crypto currency, the future of monetary exchange is no longer the same. One major news in the industry is the acquisition of Eric Cheng, a real estate entrepreneur form Singapore, of the two companies in Japan that were legally authorized to manage a foreign exchange as well as trade crypto currency. The deal was 100 per cent of the stake which is worth 67 million Singapore dollar or equal to $50 million in the United States currency.

Cheng is Upper Joyful Ltd’s CEO and because of the purchase, he is now the owner of the two companies namely FX Trade Financial Co Ltd also known as FX Trade and its affiliate firm called BitTrade Co Ltd. the former was established in 2006 to serve as a forex trading platform for Japan while the latter is among the 16 companies that is under the regulation of the government of Japan as a platform for trading crypto currency. These companies aim to serve the increasing demand of those who are dabbling with crypto currency.

According to the government of Japan, as of 2017, all platforms used for crypto currency trading are already legal. The expansion in the platform will have better results as the demand continues to increases in terms of crypto currencies as well as forex trading. This is not only happening in Japan but in other parts of the world as well. Furthermore, about a third of the transactions made internationally using bitcoin until December of 2017 were led by Japan’s currency, yen.

Another crypto currency acquisition has been making waves initiated by Yahoo Japan as it purchased 40 per cent of the stake from the crypto currency exchange known as BitARG. The investment was estimated to be from $18.5 to $27.8 million. Just like regular companies operating currency exchange Vancouver, BitARG has also received the legal authorization from the Financial Service Agency in order to operate a trading platform dealing with crypto currency on the domestic level.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.