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International Fumigation Market To Be Penetrated By Universal Biosecurity

There are different methods employed by pest control on the North Shore because of the changing demands from clients. There are those that are not bothered by using chemical treatment while there are homeowners that prefer to use non-toxic chemicals if possible. The international fumigation market might be able to see a new chapter soon as the Universal Biosecurity enters the picture. The market is currently worth $7 billion and Universal Biosecurity is planning to employ its non-toxic type of pest control.

As of the moment, they are trying to come up with $5 million in order to be able to release their patented technology into the commercial market. Their goal is to introduce the product because it is not only what the public needed but it is also cost-effective.

The developer of fumigant is using technology and innovation in order to make alternatives that will eventually eliminate the need to use toxic fumigants. These fumigants are utilized to control the number of pests that are damaging fruits and vegetables, grain crops, quarantine and grain storage among many others.

Some of the board members of the Universal Biosecurity are Simon McKirdy and Young Lin Ren who are both professors. They have been conducting research in order to create the best alternative that is not toxic but still as effective, if not better as the fumigants being used for many decades.

Simon Andrew, the managing director of Universal Biosecurity, said that they have already found out that ethyl formate can be an option because it is food-grade, good for the environment and not toxic. The only issue that is stopping them from using the substance is because it is known to be flammable.

Universal Biosecurity was able to find a way to alter its flammable property and they have already patented the material known to be as Fume8. With the help of this patent, the liquid fumigant can be used in a safe and effective manner.

They have already created a prototype and they only need the investment in order to introduce it into the commercial market. The industries covering companies of pest control on the North Shore are also developing alternative that are non-toxic when treating household pests.

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