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How Deceiving Can A Free Mini Bar In Sukhumvit Be?

People are somehow curious as to how most of them take goodies from a hotel mini bar. For those that do, they may be desperately hungry for food or drinks after reaching their hotel room late at night with an empty stomach. Or probably they want to take a quick snack or beverage that they regularly indulge in. People will apparently take food items from the free mini bar in Sukhumvit as the hotels could not have placed them there if they were not moneymaking.

Once I attended a conference in Bangkok with a brand new consultant who was not familiar with the institution of a hotel minibar. Many of the food items were beautifully laid out on a cabinet with a price tag clearly to the side. He thought all these goodies were free. He snacked away both nights of the conference, thinking that the hotel was really great for supplying him with all of these neat food items. He was really stunned when he checked out and had over $60 on his bill for these munchies. Fortunately, he did not partake in any of the adult beverages or his bill could have tripled the amount!

Most travellers booked in a Bangkok hotel will probably think that the free mini bar in Sukhumvit is free, when in reality it is not. Some travellers can have the items removed at once upon check-in so that they won’t be billed for items they don’t have intentions of using. There are also those who refuse to accept the key to the refrigerator upon checking in. So before you check out from a Bangkok hotel, ensure that any items found in the minibar have not been eaten or drank.

So in my travel to Bangkok every now and then, I have not taken any food item from the free mini bar in Sukhumvit for years. If I did, I could be charged for a bottle of water, soda or candy bar, that comes with a high price. I could buy 3 bottles of wine for what the hotel lounge can charge for a ½ bottle. Room service may seem cheaper as compared to the menu shown; but I’m not definitely buying food taken from the hotel’s minibar.

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