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Private Owned Vehicles In Singapore Must Have Decals

Starting the first day of July this year, all private owned vehicles in Singapore must display the required decals on the windscreens of their cars.

The decal display is made of plastic and is 14 cm by 10 cm in size. This is approximately two times a road tax disc’s size. The decals are required to be placed on the front windscreen as well as on the rear.

The decal cannot be tampered with because police officers and authorities will be able to distinguish a decal that has been removed and put back in place.

According to LTA or Land Transport Authority, the requirement of the decals is done in order for registered cars under private ownership to be easily recognized. Authorities will be able to conduct any search and questioning for vehicles that are utilized as chauffeured services or hired in any way by hailing passengers on the road.

Owners of private vehicles should register their car before February 28 in order to get the tampered-evident decals for free. After that date, registering owners will have to pay a fee of $20 for a pair of decals.

For the front windscreen, the decal must be placed at the upper right corner while on the rear windscreen the decal must be positioned at the upper left corner.

Owners of private vehicles may not get a copy of their decals from authorized locations only – Uber, Grab affixing centers, STA inspection centers and Vicom/JIC inspection centers. They will also be the one to affix the decals on the cars.

Private vehicles without the decals will be violating the Road Traffic Act though the agency hasn’t released a guideline regarding the penalties yet.

During regular vehicle inspection, the decals will be part of the car which will be inspected as well. Road tax will not be subject for renewal unless owners have acquired their decals.

All owners of registered private vehicles have already been notified via mail and the number is approximately around 30,000.

Car signs in Sydney are also a common thing though most vehicle wrapping covers the entire vehicle unlike the decals which are quite small and can be passed off as a parking sticker.

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The Rising Costs Of Employer-Sponsored Premium In New York


According to a report made by Empire Center, New York has the second costliest employer-sponsored health premium. Last 2015, premiums rose by more than three times compared to the national average of $5,963. According to federal data, the average single coverage premium in Alaska is $7,807 while in New York, it is $6,801. The growth of single premiums in New York was 7.8% while nationwide growth was 2.2% in 2015.

Data also shows that the average family premium in New York is $19,630 while the nationwide average is $17,322. Premiums have always been high in New York but its growth is quite alarming since from 10th in 2010 and 18th in 2003, it jumped to second place in 2015. The state’s Department of Financial Services has strict price regulations in place but the premiums are still rising. In 2010, regulators have cut down into half the rate increase as requested by health plans but it was unable to solve the problems of rising premiums.

Among the companies that were severely affected by the increase in premiums include Health Republic Insurance of New York, a startup that sustained heavy losses. The rate requested for 2016 was actually trimmed just weeks prior to its declaration of insolvency and shut down by the state. Most of the large employer’s health insurance plans were exempt from state oversight because the state’s rate review process only applied to policies that are purchased by individuals and small businesses including coverage through the state’s health insurance (ประกันภัยสุขภาพ) exchange.

So much attention has been focused on public health insurance exchanges that were create under Obamacare. This was supposed to provide insurance to people who were not eligible for the job based health benefits. However, the law had a broader effect on people who had employer-sponsored health insurance.

It is important for people to compare Health Insurance in order to get the best they can. There are websites that compare the market by rank according to best price for your needs. They are committed to help you find the best price so that you will be able to make an informed decision for your Health Insurance.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

What Happened To Black Friday 2014 Mobile Sales?

Online sales for Black Friday 2014 were an astounding success with a 20.6% increase over the previous year. This overwhelming success for US ecommerce sites was driven by mobile shopping and marketing campaigns. According to Custora E-commerce Pulse that is tracking the performance of 100 US online retail stores, over $40 billion was generated by ecommerce sites and 30.3% happened through mobile phones and devices. Statistics showed an increase of 22.5% over the 2013 Black Friday mobile sales.

Email marketing as the force behind Black Friday mobile sales

Everyone though that social media will be the driving force behind the astounding success of Black Friday mobile sales with all those tweets and social media sharing but it seemed that social media is not yet the platform for sales. Email marketing was the channel that drove sales up by 27.3% in retail with 18.9% originating from free search and 18.5% from paid search. Email marketing is a strategy that puts a message directly to the target audience. It is highly individualized and costs are relatively low. What emails do is to increase the engagement with potential customers by presenting the benefits that they will likely gain.

The battle between iPhones and Android phones

Based on the Custora report, 76.8% of mobile shopping was done through iPhone and Apple devices while only 22.7% happened on Android devices. Apple continues to dominate the American market however, the share of Android phones in the Black Friday sales were up by 15.8%. Notwithstanding the fact, that Apple and Android phones will continue to battle it out for supremacy in the mobile market, what seems more important for ecommerce sites is to optimize their sites for any platform so that they do not lose any opportunity to make a sale. Responsive website design ensures a web browsing capability that looks the same across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Internet traffic from mobile phones has showed a significant increase and many mobile users are getting comfortable using their mobile devices to browse through sites. It is foolhardy for any ecommerce site not to shift from a conventional website to a responsive web design through Exact Latitude, SEO Los Angeles.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

The Appeal of Radio to a Wide Audience

Television was introduced in the late 1940’s, and it became part of everyday life as a source of entertainment, information, and news. However, one serious concern about television is the audience is generally the younger population. On the other hand, a greater portion of adult television audiences have shifted their attention to digital media and spend less time watching TV. Radio is driven largely by the length of commute that consumers have to suffer. Radio listeners have increased positively because mobile phones have FM radio features.

Wider choice of options on the radio

Over the last decade, the number of radio listeners has increased because they have more options to choose from due to the multiple stations that aim to satisfy specific preferences. For advertisers, their radio listeners are fragmented which requires that they buy multiple stations to achieve a relatively large audience reach. While technology has stolen some of radio audiences, radio remains to be a cost effective medium for advertising and promotions compared to buying a few seconds from primetime TV. Besides that radio has a wide geographic share and mobile phone technology has enhanced radio listening. Thousands of radio stations can stream their content online and gain immediate interaction from their listeners.

The benefits of radio

•    It has targeting capabilities
•    It provides one-on-one connection with audiences
•    It builds frequency quickly
•    It offers advertisers the opportunity for appealing community involvement
•    There is no seasonal listener erosion

The drawbacks of radio

•    It lacks visual content
•    Advertisers need to buy from multiple radio stations to reach a wider audience
•    Peak radio listening is in the morning when people want to catch up on the latest news. There are relatively low audiences during the day, but it peaks during the evening while employees are caught in traffic on their way home.

Radio as an out-of-home (OOH) advertising

Radio if combined with OOH has the potential to reach mobile audiences and can easily maintain the market presence of a brand that has been featured on radio after the audience has switched to another station. OOH can increase the reach of a radio advertising campaign by ensuring that there is a broad market appeal to radio listeners.

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Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.

Tips For Businesses To Make 2015 Their Best Holiday Season Ever

Since early 2000, Black Friday has always been considered as the start of Christmas season shopping. Retailers start to offer their stuff with low, low prices and unbelievable discounts. However, Black Friday is not the only busiest time for shoppers with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These monikers are now household names and it means that people can now start shopping early. It is expected that you are now starting to promote your business and this is crucial to create awareness among online customers. Remember that competition is stiff and you have to put your best foot forward so that you can gain the benefits of holiday shopping.

Best advice to businesses to make 2015 their best holiday season

Stay active on social media platforms – it is for your best interests to spread your brand through social media. According to John Oechsle, the president and CEO of SwiftPage, social media provides businesses with an opportunity to interact with prospective customers who are looking at holiday recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Promote early and make use of holiday incentives to increase conversions.

Offer in-store pickup – with the recent results of Black Friday where a greater portion of sales were generated through mobile shopping, brick and mortar shops are starting to get worried that physical sales might be eclipsed by online shopping. One example of a smart strategy is in-store pickup option for online purchases. This option creates a better connection between online and in-store customer experience.

Ensure you have mobile presence – your business website must be accessible from any platform. Customers have their preferences and you need to make it easy and simple for them to shop online through their desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is not a secret that almost all individuals have their mobile phones and businesses should not overlook this opportunity to interact with their customers.

Freebies offer additional value – nothing can gain a customer’s attention more than the offer of a freebie. Freebies do not necessarily have to be expensive, you can offer free gift wrapping or an extended guarantee on electronic items. This will help mitigate the impact of customers comparing prices across different ecommerce sites.

About Patient Atcho

Patient Atcho started with The eBeninois Mag and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus.