Businesses Angry Over Plans To Remove 14 Parking Spaces

It is very likely for Caringbah restaurant to be among the business establishments that were affected by the removal of 14 parking spaces. Shop owners were up in armsbecause it will be difficult to find parking. The 14 parking spaces have to be removed on the eastern side of Caringbah shopping strip to provide extra space for a right turn lane from Kingsway going to President Avenue.

The findings of a traffic study that there was sufficient parking in the nearby council park and adjoining streets were rejected. According to Mark Speakman, Cronulla MP and Attorney General, he would seek for the modification of the plans to be able to save some of the parking spaces.

The proposal of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) was focused on the improvement of traffic flow and the reduction of delays along the intersection of Kingsway and President Avenue. During peak periods there are long queues on the eastbound right turning bay that causes delays for roads users.

According to the findings of an independent parking analysis last March of this year, there is sufficient parking space for customers of businesses and residents in the nearby council park and the surrounding streets that include Denman Avenue, Hays Avenue and Banksia Road.

On the other hand, according to Ian Dodd, owner of Cincotta Discount Chemist, when the Highfield Caringbah hotel opened last December, it became difficult for customers to find parking. It seemed that the traffic study was made prior to the opening of the hotel. Other business owners said that the plans were unwarranted and absurd. Parking was already minimal and customers have to rely on the small spaces available in front of their shops.

The removal of the 14 parking spaces represents 5% of the total parking space available within the area. The number will be reduced to 5% if the council parking space and the surrounding streets are considered.

Sufficient parking space is very important for businesses like Caringbah restaurant because customers always desire convenience. For example, if a special event is held in the restaurant, the hosts will expect a parking space for their guests.

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