Bangladesh Minister Asks Thailand For Duty Free Benefits For Garments 


Due to innovations in technology, the modern embroidery machine was introduced for mass production. Whether the embroidery is done by hand or through machine, there is still a need for embroider supplies in Thailand to meet the demands for quality in the industry. The trend in the garments industry right now is for high quality products which require quality embroidery supplies.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed made a demand for duty free benefit from Thailand for 36 products that include garments and medicine. Tofail made the demand during a meeting with KobsakPootrakool, a minister that is attached to the Thai Prime Minister’s office because Thailand is providing duty free access to 6,998 items from Bangladesh but garments is not on the list. At least 81% of Bangladesh’s total exports are garments.

Ahmed has also called the attention of Thai investors to encourage them to make investments in Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical sector. Thai investors will be given cash incentives while exporting products should they consider an investment in the pharmaceutical sector. Total investments that Thailand has made to Bangladesh amount to $1.5 billion. Investors from Thailand will also be given allocations in the special economic zone.

In 2016-17, Bangladesh was able to export products worth $48.57 million to Thailand. Total imports from the country amounted to $781.6 million. Meanwhile, Pootrakool has expressed his interest to make investments in Bangladesh’s infrastructure, power, energy and other potential sectors. He announced the interest during the “Bangladesh-Thailand Business Dialogue” that was organized by the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In order for Thailand to import more goods from Bangladesh, it is important to have a deep sea port including the establishment of road connectivity between the two countries. Should plans push through, expect a significant boost to the trade and economic ties between Thailand and Bangladesh.

Embroidery is an important sector in the garments industry which requires quality embroider supplies in Thailand to be competitive with other countries. Embroidery is no longer the domain of a few experts because it has become a widespread and popular technique of applying decorations to garments. You can see elaborate embroideries in many items not just clothing and hats.

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