A Fix For Recycling That Could Impact Packaging

Recycle Across America’s founder and Executive Director, Michelle Hedlund, who is more commonly known as Mitch said that recycling is one of the major factors that could have the greatest impact on environmental change. The company Recycle Across America is known to be an advocate when it comes to recycling and their brainchild is referred to by The New York Times as one of the most essential fixes that has been introduced these days.

The fix is standardized system that can be used when labeling all recycle bins in a nation. It was the creation of a non-profit organization called Recycle Across America. The idea may be simple in nature but it has already caused great change for those who adopted it. According to Hedlund, the method is recycling can have a positive impact on everything related to the environment such as the lowering the level of CO2, reducing wastes that are dumped in the ocean, protecting the sources of fresh water, conservation of energy, to put a stop to the depletion of resources that are limited as well as give attention to the biggest issue today which is climate change. Hedlund does not disregard the fact that there are other measures taken as well in order to answer these issues such as solar power, wind power and other forms of energy source that are more friendly to nature but she expressed how recycling could have the biggest impact compared to all of these.

Hedlund also shared how the recycling industry is not on its tip top shape as there are major problems starting with the garbage bins. She expressed how confusion when it comes to handling the recycling bins has affected the recycling industry. The public should be educated regarding the proper use of these recycling bins and everything will fall into place.

It was in 2011 when the Recycle Across America decided to launch the labeling system and it has now gained popularity and is used in many cities, schools, states and businesses. For packaging supplies that are environment friendly, visit Paper Mart.

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