The 5 Hottest Design Trends For 2015

Everybody wants their homes to look trendy for 2015. Matching furniture with the color of walls is one of the fads you can forget. Experts at Zillow Digs say that a more sophisticated look can be expected for 2015. This will incorporate gold hardware, natural textures and modern undertone with a mid-century theme. Zillow Digs design experts are announcing the 5 trends for 2015 so you better get ready to call your painters/interior decorators to do a home makeover.

Gold fixtures

Homeowners can mix and match silver and stainless steel fixtures with gold fixtures. You can even go bold with an all gold design. Bathrooms can be enhanced with gold faucets. A gold and bronze gryphon lamp can be used as the focal point in the living room. You can always look for ideas from the boudoir room of St. Petersburg’s Hermitage with all its impressive features.


Cowhides have been processed to make different items which can enhance the aesthetics of your home. Zillow Digs designers say that cowhide will find its way into pillow, rugs, throw blankets and artwork. A few pieces of pillows and throws in cowhide can make a perhaps accent to bedroom design.


You should expect an increase in available colors and designs including textures in wallpapers. Home improvement stores certainly anticipate that everyone will be trying to spruce up the home for 2015. You can say goodbye to plain white walls. You have lots of choices from bold light blue mixed with yellow or a combination of purple and white flowers. If you want to be demure, you can always choose a lime green option.

Blue accent colors

Blue is an ideal complement to Marsala, the Pantone color for 2015. Blue is an attractive accent for interior decorating and their deep natural hues will add extra vibrancy to the warm earth tone of Marsala. You can always spruce up a room with a bold blue chair or a blue and gold accent chair.

Modern/Mid-century modern elements

While this trend will be popular for 2015, make sure to take extra care when integrating this trend so that it won’t take over your home. If you want to bring back the 70’s, make it subtle by simply adding a slight touch.

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