3 New Boilers For TAG Center Mayville For $120,000

According to the Wisconsin news, TAG Center in Mayville is set to buy 3 new boilers after it has experienced 2 boiler failures. In November 17, 2014, one of the three boilers of TAG Center failed due to problems with the heat exchanger. Shortly after the failure of the first boiler, a second boiler stopped working. According to Dave Pieper, the maintenance director of the Center, the current boilers have been operating for 12 and half years for 365 days a year. The boilers provide the heat for the facility as well as all the hot water at 195 degrees every day.

Bids were sought for boiler repairs so that the heat exchanger can be fixed. The bids totaled $17,229 however; the city decided that instead of boiler repairs, they are going to purchase new and more efficient boilers. As per requirement, the new boilers will not exceed $120,000 and this amount should include new piping as well as electrical equipment and pumps. The council approved the purchase for 3 new boilers to avoid emergency situations from recurring. If the TAG center does not get a new boiler, it might have to be shutdown.

One of the boilers has been replaced at the center with the second shortly after Christmas. The third boiler will be installed when the weather starts to get warmer and this boiler will only be used exclusively during the summer months. The other two boilers will be shut off in order to minimize energy costs.

The money that will be used to purchase the 3 boilers will come from Bachhuber Foundation’s donation for the improvement of the TAG Center. The donation with a total amount of $820,000 is for improvements that include additional classrooms and storage space as well other related improvements that will enhance the center so that its revenue will be maximized.

A plan must be developed for the improvement of the TAG Center and it must be jointly approved by the Bachhuber Foundation and the common council. Alderman Vince Longo was volunteered as project manager who will work with the foundation so that the goals of improving TAG Center will be realized by 2015.

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