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Has Harvey Weinstein Really Been Reformed From His Predatory Ways?

Harvey Weinstein, in the month of October, was accused by several female actors in the Hollywood industry of sexual harassment. Although Weinstein pleaded that the anonymous accusations were faulty, he could not do anything about the accusations made by women who decided to name themselves, and had to plead guilty. Some of the women who reprimanded him for his activities include Angelina Jolie, NatassiaMalthe and Lupita Nyong’o. After pleading guilty and stating that he had a serious disorder to cure, he went and signed up for sex rehab at an Arizona rehab center, probably the best rehab he could go to. But sex therapists weigh in on Weinstein’s condition and state that these are not the actions of a sex addict. These are the actions of someone who is on another level. He uses his influence to try and have sexual relations with different women, implying sexual predatory behavior.

He recently just completed one week at the Arizona rehab center and checked himself out. However does this imply that he is cured and free from his repulsive ways? Experts say that for someone who has been committing such acts for such a long time, one week is definitely not sufficient to get cured. However, when you look at matters from Weinstein’s side, they seem terrible too. He will be facing multiple counts of sexual harassment and rape and will be faced with criminal charges for some of these cases with no apparent statute of limitations. He has also been left by his wife, who is very disgusted with her husband’s behavior, and the Academy has expelled him from his post. Most people would assume that the man would at least try and get his life back on track by taking up the rehab seriously. But instead, he decided to stay as an outpatient, implying that he would attend sessions but live off the premises of the best rehab center for sex addicts.

The reasons why experts state that a mere week of rehab is not enough are listed below. One is that if the addiction is considered to be the disease model of addiction, it may be very difficult to cure is it induces certain chronic behaviors. The second reason is that this case of sexual addiction is actually an issue of intimacy, which needs to be dealt with on a more personal level.

The Real Deal Among Restaurants

In a recent conference held in Columbus, Ohio, Tom Krouse who is the president as well as the CEO of Donatos Pizza gave a speech to the partners in franchising and general managers who are present. During the speech, he gave a gentle reminder for people in the restaurant industry that their business does not end in food transactions and selling beverages. They may be using a variety of restaurant software but the truth is that the industry is unique as they are able to give more rather than receive.

They are officially organizing special moments in their customers’ lives. Krouse explained this by saying that they earn around $13.89 for a single order of pizza but when they think about what they give, it comprises of a lot more including connections with customers, quality, value, strong community ties, training, first jobs, smiles, hospitality among many others.

Thinking deeper into what he said, one can determine that he is right. In exchange for the hard-earned money the customers are paying for the food and beverage, the restaurant gives back to them and the communities by providing employment not only to the members and staffs of the restaurant but to the local supplier, contractors, software sellers, brokers, health inspectors, manufacturers, realtors andadvertisers. The restaurant pay taxes which contribute in improving the community through repair in infrastructures, parks, hospitals, police and fire departments and green spaces.

The salary that restaurant employees receive helps them in purchasing their own house, get better education, support local charities, start their own families and be able to raise them. The most important aspect is that through the foodservice industry, the future workforce of the country is trained with valuable skills on both life and job aspect and they learn leadership at a young age.

Many of these workers will not remain in the foodservice industry for the rest of their life but the skills, such as quality, teamwork, patience, service and selling, that they learn will be useful to then in whatever work they tackle later in life. As the foodservice industry moves forward with technology and restaurant software, it remains to be an essential part of every community.

Booming Business For Rodent Exterminators

Homeowners in Sydney are urged to make sure that their homes as well as their businesses have been rodent-proof. For the past century, rodents are considered to be pests to humans and many are scared of them. Businesses have cropped up against their furry creatures. There are products and pest control in Sydney developed to put an end to their population. The plague has also been pinpointed to be brought by these vermin.

It has been a part of human lives despite the endless effort to exterminate them. They continue to survive and they are currently thriving in Cape Breton.

In a statistics that was recently published by Orkin Canada, Sydney was found out to be the community with the least rat problem compared to other communities located within Atlantic Canada. The data is based on the amount of calls that the rat exterminator company receives.

After the claim was released into the public, rats became the focus of many discussions. It even started a little controversy because many believe that there is no accurate method which can be used in order to determine the exact number of rats that are living in a certain community.

According to the owner of a pest control based in Sydney, Stephen McLaughlin, in his business they have been dealing with the rodents for approximately four decades. In terms of rat extermination, the last several years has been a record for his business because of how busy they are.

McLaughlin said that their schedules are always full because homeowners are calling to hire their services claiming that they have seen a rat in their property. They are having a hard time keeping up because it is not only dominant in Sydney but in Cape Breton as well.

He found out while in the business that people are more wary towards rat compared to mouse because of the difference in size and how scary looking they are.

The owner of the pest control in Sydney said that prevention is essential to avoid rats from nesting in your property. Make sure to use bait traps, poison and other traps that could prevent them from entering your property.

Employment Could Result From Reduced Furniture Waste

The furniture industry in the EU is currently taking into actions principles that guide the circular economy. They are taking these steps with the help of remanufacturing as well as refurbishing. When this turns out to be a success, they will be able to have around 157,000 employment opportunities. Aside from that, the EU will also be able to cut back the CO2 production by six million tones. These data are provided by the EEB or European Environmental Bureau. Australia is also doing the same initiative by selling cheap furniture packages in Perth instead of dumping them into landfills.

The EEB is a network of environments groups in Europe which is comprised of 140 members all over 30 countries. The most recent study was conducted by the EEB while the compilation was accomplished by the Eunomia Research & Consultancy. The study was able to expand further on the alternative policies that could be done in order to decrease the amount of waste as well as to manage the resources effectively with regards to the furniture industry in Europe.

According to the study, the initiative will make it possible to recover value, positively impact the growth of the economy and create more jobs. Aside from these benefits, the initiative will also help fight the degradation that is currently happening in our environment and will help manage resources in the most effective manner.

Annually, it is estimated that around 10.5 million tones of furniture are being sold in the European market and majority of them are manufactured by SMEs. At the same time, around 10 million tons of furniture is also discarded. The report said that majority of the discarded furniture, used by either consumers or businesses are sent to incinerators or landfills.

The issue is made worst by the fact that there are several challenges that the furniture industry in Europe is currently facing. One of these is the increase in material costs and the low turnover with regards to the workforce. They are also struggling because of the tight competition. This is the reason why cheap furniture packages in Perth are made possible in order to combat these competitions.

3 Suitable Venues For Corporate Events In Sydney

Team building activities are conducted to promote harmony and healthy relationships within organizations. It also conducted to meet specific corporate goals. If your organization is in need to harness certain values and you want to have it through corporate events in Sydney, one of the things that you will need is a suitable venue for the activity. When scouting for a team building venue, think about the size of your organization or the number of your target participants, the type of activities you intend to include and finally, the conduciveness of the area. In order to have an effective activity, choose an ideal venue that offers exclusivity while allowing participants to move around freely and safely. Some of the most ideal venues for team building include the following.

Beach resort or hotel

If you have the budget, it would be ideal for you to have the activity outside of your office such as a nearby hotel or beach resort. Having the activity from an offsite venue is also a form of incentive to your employees especially if they have heavy tasks or they hold important positions in the organization.Taking your employees to a nice venue for team building is a good way set the mood for achieving corporate goals.

Office area

You don’t have to spend so much for a corporate events in Sydney especially if your office can accommodate your participants. An office space is suitable for small organizations or those that are just starting out or those on a tight budget. You can find sample team building activities for small venues and those that do not require heavy facilitation. Another option is just to hire a facilitator but have the activity in your office so you can save money on the venue.

Company with team building facilities

It must be a relief for you to find out that there are companies that offer services corporate events in Sydney and its nearby areas. These types of service providers have the expertise and the right training to facilitate effective team building activities. They also have a ready venue for small to large groups.

3 Considerations In Choosing High School Classroom Furniture

The furniture you purchase and use inside the classroom are also part of your school’s investments. As a matter of fact, the tables, chairs and other high school classroom furniture are some of the things parents would check before they enrol their child to a school. Because school facilities are some of the major considerations for higher enrolees, it is important for your school to have safe and high quality furniture for your students. To choose and purchase the right furniture, here are ideas.

Choose comfort

The comfort of students are important as it helps them absorb new knowledge and retain information. Look for armchairs that provides better back support to maintain good body posture. Students spend long hours on chairs so the furniture have to be comfortable so for them to concentrate on the lessons and prevent body pains.


Choose high quality furniture so you will not spend for furniture repair and replacement every after a few years. By choosing furniture with excellent quality, you save money in the long run. Aside from the quality of the furniture, make it a point to check its materials especially if you are buying tables and chairs that are made of plastic. Avoid buying cheap high school classroom furniture because you are not assured of its quality and durability. Choose sturdy furniture with affordable price to stretch the value of your money.

Excellent design

Another aspect to consider when buying high school classroom furniture is its design. The design should be suited for the type of students who will use it. There are school furniture for primary schoolers, elementary and so on. Buy the type that are suited for the average student but always buy a few extra for the lefties and ambidextrous including furniture that supports students with special conditions or physical disabilities. You might also have students who are overweight and you also have to think about them when buying a new set of school furniture. To check on the design and quality of the furniture, visit the supplier’s showroom for you to personally test the furniture. Another option is to ask for samples from the suppliers.

Co-Working Space Will Remain An Industry

There is a growing trend for co-working space nowadays and its popularity went over the roof overnight. This is an ideal option for entrepreneurs that are just taking baby steps in their business ventures. It quite common to see co working space in Bangkok and the world is starting to get used to the concept. Startups can easily grow their business with the help of co-working spaces.

Basically, a co-working space is one dedicated to serve as a communal working area for freelances, small teams under corporations or businesses and entrepreneurs. The very first co-working space in the world was introduced by Brad Neuberg who is an entrepreneur in San Francisco. He created the concept that will complement the independence provided by freelancing while mimicking the experience in an office space through structure and sense of community. Neuberg was also responsible for the ‘co-working’ term we use nowadays.

In a span of a few years, the trend has been picked up all over the world which resulted to the creation of more than 10,000 co-working spaces in different countries. Co-working offices are now a common concept to many because of the rise of entrepreneurs and business owners that are willing to take risks.

The cities of Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos in Nigeria are witnesses to the growing number of co-working offices in the country. It has become a phenomenon because of the various types offered depending on the comfort and facilities provided by each space. These are all designed to be a community for freelancers and a place for startups to take their baby steps.

Business owners recognize the fact that they will not be able to function without an office space. This is a challenge for those starting out with limited budget or with no budget at all. majority of the co-working space can be rented for affordable rates and it comes with basic access much like an office including reception services, conference spaces, audio and video systems and Wi-fi/Internet connection. Aside from these, having a co working space in Bangkok means a business will have a legitimate mailing address and a dedicated space that serves as a kitchen or break room.