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Do-It-Yourself: How To Make Canvas Print Project

There are some people who appreciate a good artwork when they see them such as canvas prints Australia but not everyone is willing to spend that much or have the luxury to splurge on one. If you really want to have one, there is another option. You can make your own! Do it yourself projects are very popular nowadays and not just for creative people. There are thousands of online tutorials you can follow to make sure you make your projects successfully.

For this particular canvas print project, you will need to have a canvas. As our goal is to wrap the photo around the canvas, the sides of the canvas should be 2 inches smaller compared to the photo. If you have a printed photo that’s 12 by 12 inches, you need to find a canvas size that’s 10 by 10 inches. The photo quality should be the primo one because it is the best and it makes a big difference to the end result. You can have it printed at a local printing shop. You will also need wood glue but get the white one, texture coating, foam roller, small paintbrush, scissors and stapler.

The first thing you will need is to pour or squeeze glue all over the canvas surface. Make sure to put in a thick coating but not go overboard or your picture will be bubbly at the end. Smooth out the glue with the help of your paintbrush. Make sure your spread the glue evenly until the edge of the canvas.

The next step is to place your photo on a flat surface or a table, make sure that it is clean. Carefully lay the canvas with the glued surface down onto the picture. Make sure to align all sides before sticking them together.

Smooth out the surface with the use of a card or squeegee and work your way out from the center to the sides to remove any air pocket. Do the same on the back side of the canvas to make sure that everything is smooth. Fold the sides of the photo and mark the leftover corners and cut them. Put glue to the edges of the canvas and fold the photo. This should be done one side at a time before securing with stapler at the back side.

Once this is done, you can make your projects look more like professional canvas prints Australia by using your foam roller and spreading texture cream all over the surface and edges of the photo. Let dry and it is ready!

Project Managers, Workers Who Can Use Red Tools Wanted

Whether you like it or not, the construction industry is definitely one of the industries in the world that has remained in demand despite the changing times.  You see, new buildings, homes, roads and bridges are being planned every single day and the only ones who are properly equipped and knowledgeable to build those things are the ones working in the construction industry. And yes, we cannot take away the mere fact that despite the amount of salary one can receive when working in his specific industry, one has to keep in his mind that he must be willing to take risks because whether we like it or not, the construction industry is also one of the most dangerous industries to work at because of the tremendous amount of risks workers face on a daily basis whether it’s falling debris, spilling hazardous chemicals, explosion of flammable materials among other risk factors. And yes, despite these risk factors, many would still their lives and choose to work in this industry which, at some point, may require one to have the appropriate knowledge and skills to do certain jobs by properly using Red tools which are helpful several ways in terms of work efficiency.

Yes, working in the construction industry is almost like digging up your own grave but in a report that was released last July of 2017, workers from the construction industry such as project managers, construction managers and construction administrators are very much in demand in Australia. This demand in workers can be associated to the increase in the homes that are needed to be built all around Australia which the report say sill require a ground total of 70,000 managers and administrators aside from the construction workers themselves who will be doing most of the dirty jobs which means they will need to be prepared to use Red tools and other construction materials that are relevant to the structure that they are building. You see, the construction industry in Australia has been one of the country’s strongest economic drivers. Plus, the demand for residential structures has been remaining high.

Three Distinguished Public Relations Company Of Thailand

The Asia-Pacific region now entices a thriving foreign business, which it owed to its large population and growing usable income. This, in turn, leads to the growth of public relations firms needed for imposing key businesses in the local market. We have placed together a list of public relations company in Thailand offering few of the best services.

  • Total Quality PR Thailand

The company operates in different Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It started way back in 1995 and became known as TQPR Thailand. It is an independent firm proving its dedication by offering high quality work.

The public relations company in Thailand has partnered with WorldCom Public Relations Group and has access to a wide variety of social media influencers and other networks. This is probably why its clients, Scandinavian Airlines and Etihad Airways has been recognized worldwide.

  • 124 Communications Consulting

As stated in the Holmes report, this is voted as the number one public relations company of Thailand. It has also gained recognition as one of the 250 largest global PR firms and as PR agency of the year from the Advertising Association of Thailand.

The company was founded by Nimitz Modrakee in 1989. The company is proud of its network, experience, skills and talented personnel required to accomplish their goals in the region.

Clients like Nestle, Panasonic, MasterCard, Citibank, Volvo, BMW, Air Asia and Jaguar were made successful ad renowned through this agency.

  • VERO Public Relations

The company boasts of its offices in three countries, which is manned by over thirty employees. It’s an employee-owned and operated business thatoffers versatility and freedom to provide fresh approaches creating campaigns since its founding in 2007. They are duly recognized by the Holmes Report as “PR Agency of the Year in Southeast Asia.”

This public relations company of Thailand is proud of its services which include B2B seminars and communications, digital marketing to lead generation. These services often make small-time companies rise up to their feet and turn to be successful businesses and clients someday.

Clients like Fuji Xerox, GSK, Microsoft, Toyota have made a name for itself because of this agency.

Oman Is Among Affordable Places To Buy A House- Sydney Furniture Removals Say

When you are planning to move from one home to a new one, it’s recommended that you have stocked your medicine k it with pain killers because chances are, you are about to experience a horrible amount of headache in the planning process of looking for a new home alone. As you know it, transferring from one home to another regardless if it’s a condominium unit near your workplace or a fancy townhouse just beside the freeway, is never a simple task to begin with. You have to make sure that the move is completely necessary because whether you’re an ordinary office worker or among the richest guys in the city, moving to a new place will be very much expensive nowadays especially with the emergence of new taxes and other fees aside from the mortgage which could cost thousands of Dollars. Aside from the money that you will spend for paying the said taxes and fees, there are other things that you need to plan way ahead of time and among those things is the method that you’re going to employ in moving your stuff to your new home. Fortunately, there are Sydney furniture removals companies which can help you pack and transport your precious furniture sets when the need arises.

In looking for a new home, location can determine the success of the task at hand. You see, there are some cities, countries where buying a new home is way cheaper compared to others. If you are considering migrating overseas and buy a house there, consider Oman as one off your choices. In a recent report that has been released by a Sydney furniture removals company, Oman is the 3rd in the list of most affordable places to buy a new house. The conclusion of the said report was based on the average annual salary, income tax and finally, prices of houses to be able to come up with the appropriate ratio that would determine the exact affordability of houses around the world. Oman is known as one of the friendliest places to live and having a ratio of 3.41 in house affordability puts it in 3rd place just behind Suriname and Saudi Arabia.

Australians Believe Retirement Should Happen Only After Acquiring $1.1 Million

Based on a recent study, it was revealed that Australians think that an average amount of $1,142,000 -which can either be their investments or savings – is needed for them to be able to retire in a comfortable manner. Majority of them estimates that when the time comes for them to retire, they will only have a little over 50 per cent of the expected amount. This only goes to show that a financial advisor in Australia is necessary in order to help these people achieve their savings goal before retirement kicks in.

The survey was conducted by MLC Australian Wealth Sentiment for the first quarter of 2017. It included over 2,000 participants from different parts of Australia. It showed that more than 50 per cent of Australians think they will not be able to gather such amount before their retirement. Majority believed that they will only have about $638,000 in bank savings.

Women, on one hand, are not as optimistic as men when it comes to the topic of retirement savings. This shows by the 60 percent that believe in not having enough to retire while there are 52 per cent in men. More than 35 per cent of women think that their savings will be quite far from the average amount while only 27 per cent in men.

Only a small portion of Australians, about 5 per cent, expects that they will have more than the average amount before their retirement age.

MLC’s report shows that the present income levels are vital in determining the expectations when retirement comes. People who have the lowest incomes think that they will require as much as $679,000 in order for them to retire comfortable while high earners believe in saving as much as $1,469,000.

The reason for many Australians not having enough for them retirement lies on the fact that they want to pay their debts first before anything else. This is the top priority as revealed in the first quarter of this year. In order to pay their debts, many are not saving enough and investment is not seen as a priority. In order to rectify this situation, it is recommended that they hire a financial advisor in Australia that will help them in managing their finances and save more for their retirement.

Southeast Asia As An Attractive Investment Opportunity For Health Insurance Providers

Healthcare is one of the booming businesses in Southeast Asia because of the growing population. Southeast Asia is an attractive investment destination for private healthcare providers because of the demographics and the 620 million population. It is a fact that the most profitable private healthcare providers can be found in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia where there is an impressive medical tourism scheme.

However, it looks like public and private healthcare providers are serving separate client segments simultaneously. It is very rare in the region to find a true partnership between the public and private healthcare providers. A partnership would have been ideal since both are working towards the same goals. They could allocate the tasks and risks to the party that is best able to handle it.

Several countries in Southeast Asia are working to fulfil the goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) towards universal health coverage (UHC). One example is Indonesia that has created a single payer UHC model in 2014 to be able to provide health insurance to its 250 population in the next 5 years. Thailand and Myanmar are also exploring nationwide solutions to improve access to healthcare even in the remote areas.

In most parts of Southeast Asia, government spending on healthcare is growing however there are still emerging economies that spend less of healthcare compared to their counterparts in the European Union. Thailand is the only country that accounts for more than 75% total healthcare funding. In Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, healthcare funding ranges from 40% to 60%.

According to a 2014 study made by the Economist Magazine, the readiness of Southeast countries to do private-public partnership varies considerably because of the differences in demographics, economic development and other factors. Meanwhile, almost all of the Southeast Asian countries have implemented PPP in sectors of economic structures like energy, transport and water.

There is a wide range of options for health insurance in Bangkok to make sure that a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments are covered. An unbeatable combination of flexibility and convenience is offered by health insurance in Thailand to access generous levels of coverage, responsive service and guaranteed renewability.

Funeral Director Explains How The Funeral Industry Works

Asha Dooley, general manager at Grace Funerals, describes the inner workings of the funeral industry. According to her, the process of a funeral’s organization starts with one thing, regardless of whether it happens after someone’s died or before: a phone call. She says that this is when the bereaved communicate their wishes.

For most people, funeral directors in Sydney and the rest of the country fit either one of two stereotypes, the solemn, stiff-suited male mortician or the quiet,Atwoodian White Lady.

Ms. Dooley,  however, is an ex-hotelier, trained as a leader in Qatari resorts.

She describes running a funeral as akin to planning a wedding, except that, a funeral director only has three days to accomplish it.

She works for Grace Funerals, which is a small-to-medium size funeral service provider that handles ‘full service’ options, meaning that it oversees the entire funeral production process, starting from the bodily transport all the way to the end.

Grace Funerals and providers like it; independent, and family-run, used to be the norm in the Australian funeral industry. It was only until recently that that the Australian death care market became serviced by a conglomerate, specifically, InvoCare, which controls 37% of the industry in the country. According to some, InvoCare acts as a duopoly, especially in places where burial space is at a premium, such as Australia’s eastern seaboard. The shift in the market shows how the funeral industry has changed in recent times.

Ms. Dooley says that the main trend now is that Australians are more likely to go to funeral directors in Sydney for cremations, rather than burials, a sign of the now-prohibitive pricing on funeral real estate that is popping up as burial space in the country becomes more and more of a premium.

She adds that Australians now prefer more personalised and unique funerals, forgoing the traditional trappings of the ritual for more specialised options, locations and services. Some funerals even go au naturel, forgoing the option of a coffin entirely.

Lastly, she talks about how her business is, in the emotional sense. To Ms. Dooley, it isn’t taxing, but she, like many other funeral directors, acknowledge the funeral as something that can be difficult to go through. She says that one of the things that can make the funeral process difficult is the involvement of children.

The Australian Funeral Directors Association has an FAQ on dealing with grief, which states that grief is perfectly normal, varies on an individual basis, and capable of inducing physical changes. It states that grief can last from anytime between two to five years.

Ms. Dooley believes that the ritual of a funeral is an important part of grieving, as it helps people come to terms with the reality much better. She even admits to having planned for her own funeral.

She says that’d she’d prefer an outdoors funeral, with a view overlooking the water. She wants a funeral that would be nice for everyone who visits it.