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Accountant In Hong Kong Received 5 Years Suspension

For practicing accountants that are still in doubt about getting their own chartered accountant insurance, there has been a case that proves its importance in the practice. The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants recently received an order released by their disciplinary committee on June 7 of this year regarding an accountant named Wong Kong Yiu. His membership number will be deleted from the CPAs register for a period of five years and the order was effective July 19. Aside from the suspension, he was also required to pay an amount of $94,050 HK dollars for the disciplinary proceedings.

Wong has been handling a corporate practice wherein he is the only practicing director and also the sole shareholder. He was disciplined because he did not follow the rules that were put in place by the council of the Institute regarding the renewal of his Professional Indemnity Insurance. He continued to ignore the warning for the past four years. He was also ordered to handle the run-off cover once his practice was unregistered.

Wong also made a wrong declaration to the Institute regarding the practice. He said that he had a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for the last four years that he has been renewing the registration of his practice.

Moreover, Wong was also subjected to a practice review to examine his other practice. Wong did not comply with the Practice Review Committee’s order that he should be in touch with the practice reviewer in order for a date to be set wherein the site visit can be conducted.

Once all information available was placed under scrutiny and evaluation by the Institute, they submitted a complaint that indicates Wong has been violating the Professional Accountants Ordinance.

With regards to the false declarations made by Wong, it was revealed that he was in violation according to the section 110.2 of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. In the end, he was found to be guilty because of his dishonorable demeanor.

The committee also ruled that Wong did not comply with the order made by the Practice Review Committee and he has no acceptable excuse. This is a reminder to all professionals that it is important to have a chartered accountant insurance in order to protect their practice and to comply with the governing agency’s rules.

12v LED Strip Lighting Functions

Of you are not the techy or handy type, perhaps  just don’t realize it but you see 12v LED strip lighting most of the time in homes and mostly in commercial and business centres. LED strip lighting is popular lighting option so you can easily find a lot of products and its variations in the market today. You can find the type suited for indoor and outdoor application, waterproof type for swimming pools and you can also find products of different lengths and colours. Some of the most popular uses of LED strip lighting can include the following:

Lightentrendy homes

Contemporary homes utilize environment friendly and compact devices such as LED lighting. Huge and exposed bulbs are already out and considered passé which is why it is common to find sleek and clean looking lights illuminating the areas in homes and business establishments. LED strip lights are used not just for lighting homes but also for decorating areas to make it trendy and well-decorated.

Outdoor building decoration

One of the preferred applications of 12v LED strip lighting is for decorating external parts of office or commercial buildings. They are commonly found among sky-rise buildings with decorative and blinking lights that appear to float. One indication that you are looking at a LED strip lighting and not just an ordinary coloured light when you find a connected string of lights from top to bottom. If you are contemplating about using LED strip lighting on your building, choose the waterproof type or the outdoor type.

Highlighting your garden   

You can also find 12v LED strip lighting among beautifully designed and landscaped gardens. Well-designed gardens usually involve subtle lights among the garden or patio areas. LED lighting provides the area that intimate and dreamy ambiance that sets your garden apart from ordinary ones. Place the LED strip lights in the right areas to highlight garden pieces. You can consult an outdoor decorator or home magazines for inspiration. You can also find great ideas from online photos or home decoration websites to get some ideas how you can utilize strip LED lights in your home or preferred area.


The Growing Trend For Premium Motorcycles In Nepal

Many people prefer motorcycles because it brings them from point A to B in the shortest time possible. For example, if you have a Suzuki motorcycle, you can ride between lanes or rows of slow moving vehicles during peak hours. A 250cc Suzuki motorcycle can also save you some cash because it is more fuel efficient than a car.

In Nepal, people are starting to look for the “wow” factor when searching for motorcycles. As Nepal develops, stylish and high performance bikes are becoming the trend and they are warming up to the idea of riding the higher displacement pocket rockets. Motorcycle manufacturers like KTM, Honda, Bajaj and TVS have certainly noticed the changing demands and have started to launch premium bikes to the market.

KTM is a new comer in the domestic motorcycle industry but in 2012 its sales have certainly soared above expectations with the Duke 200 as the model with highest demand. According to an authorized dealer of KTM in Nepal, nearly 70% of their sales in the motorcycle line-up were the Duke 200. New riders prefer Duke 200 particularly since it was recently updated with new graphics and minor upgrades.

KTM recently revealed that the sales of its motorcycles have increased by 30% compared the same period last year because of the strong demand for premium motorcycles. To spur their growth, KTM launched 4additional new models.

Honda is another motorcycle company that has a stake in the premium motorcycle market of Nepal. Anything that is over 150cc is classified by Honda as a premium motorcycle. Starting price for the 150cc to 100cc motorcycles ranges from Rs 440,000 to Rs 30, 50,000. Meanwhile, Bajaj is also targeting the premium motorcycle market with models that guarantee good engine performance, fuel economy, excellent handling and a body style that can turn heads.

If you want to spoil yourself without breaking the bank, there are Suzuki motorcycle dealers in UK with a full range of Suzuki road bikes and demonstrator bikes. The Suzuki dealer also boasts of fully trained and experienced technicians and a knowledgeable parts department to address your Suzuki needs and requirements.

Couple Did Not Let Flood Ruin Their Wedding Day

Weddings are very important to couples who decided to live with one another for the rest of their life. Preparations could take up months or years, depending on how big the wedding is. The couple would have to look for contractors such as marquee hire in Melbourne if they are planning to do the wedding on an outside venue. Wedding fiascos cannot be helped as well as unexpected things occur along the way.

A couple from Borders who got married did not let the fact that flooding chose to hit on the same day of their wedding. The groom Andrew Dun and the bride, Agnes, are residing in Heriot. At the same day of their wedding, the River Eye decided to overflow with water and their original venue was flooded. They needed to move to a new location at the very last minute and they were able to do so with the help from families and friends. They had no choice but to leave behind the marquee they have hired for the occasion.

The couple had been preparing for their big day since the month of March and everything was in place for them to celebrate their wedding the right way. They have decided to do the wedding at Grantshouse where the home of Agnes’s parents is located. It was already decided that they are to wed on the last day of June.

The problem started on the day before the wedding when heavy rain started falling. The rain caused puddles to form on the floor where the marquee was erected by Best Intent, a company based in St. Boswells. This did not bother them at all because it was only a small amount of water. The couple hired a catering service from Galashiels called Gary Moore Catering and they started to work on the decors as well as the tables for the bridal party dismissing the puddles forming as nothing but a small inconvenience.

Around three in the afternoon of the same day, the river overflowed and the whole field was flooded. Unfortunately, the marquee was included as well.

They did not lose hope but rather asked for help from friends and family and they were able to move everything to a new location in East Preston Farm where there is an available shed. An hour after midnight, on the day of their wedding, the new venue is ready. Couples who are having outdoor weddings are encouraged to look for marquee hire in Melbourne in order to make sure their wedding location is protected in case of heavy rain or strong wind.

Dynamics Partners Cut Down Support Team Numbers Following Microsoft Layoffs

Microsoft has recently just laid off a considerable number of its employees, and the CRM Consultant related operations have suffered as a result, with support teams across the world that support Dynamics ERP and CRM partners being reduced.

Data shown by partner employees in several countries across the globe showed that staff focused on Dynamics partners have been drastically reduced, with each country being affected differently by the recent layoffs. A few of the workers were not fired, however, and are expected to receive new jobs in other sectors of Microsoft, possibly related to customer success or software.

A few countries were hit particularly hard by the layoffs and re-organization, such as Denmark and Germany, two of the countries in which the number of Microsoft’s direct managed partners shrunk dramatically. In Denmark, the number of partners left clocks in at 5, a mere 10% of the original 50. Another partner company in Germany has made their estimates regarding the fallout, saying that approximately 90% of Microsoft’s local Dynamics staff and their respective specialist roles have been removed. There are, however, reports that technical resources will remain.

Some subsidiaries, however, fared much better than the Dynamics and CRM Consultant operation end, as the ‘time zone teams’ in Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as Latin America are reported to be increasing in numbers, according to some sources.

It is to be noted that most of the information learned about the lost staff come from more informal methods, such as attempts to contact Microsoft subsidiary employees, as well as communication from Microsoft’s partners made through the back channels.

The drastic change in subsidiary employee number will, alongside the company’s focus on its CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) program, mean that the CSP’s and software distributors will be handling more of the traditional partner support responsibilities.

CRM partners have, until now, usually relied on the support services from Microsoft’s subsidiaries in their countries, such as marketing and sales resources, among other things. Veterans of the field have already hazarded their guesses, saying that the recent changes made by the company will lead to greater competition among value-added distributors, which will attract smaller firms to become part of their affiliate network.

Why Chinese Tourists Prefer To Go To Thailand

Pattaya is one of the tourist destinations in Thailand that leisure travellers prefer because of relaxed and family-friendly beaches. Pattaya is offers more than just a place that has gained a reputation for nightlife and entertainment; there are quiet attractions in the city and lots of water adventures you can experience during the stay. There is a hotel in south Pattaya that caters to business travellers who want to unwind after a day full of meetings and conferences.

The Chinese prefer to travel to tourist destinations in Asia like Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand. Thailand is a cheaper option for outbound Chinese tourists because the prices of products and services are more affordable without compromising quality. There are also direct flights from China to Thailand with relatively low airfares.

However, the 2017 list of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) includes efforts to promote luxury, boutique and other high-end services and activities for the Chinese visitors in response to their increasing interest on spas, shopping centres, golf courses and luxury hotelresorts.

The TAT list also shows the most effective means of engaging with Chinese visitors and how to promote the more luxurious options. While Thailand is certainly one of the favourite destinations of Chinese tourists, other countries in Southeast Asia are making the effort to attract Chinese visitors and enjoy a different adventure.

One example is Indonesia where the government has recently announced its plans to attract the attention of 10 million Chinese tourists by 2019. The number of tourists travelling to Indonesia has certainly increased in number but the country is struggling to reach its goal. Aside from Indonesia, similar efforts are also being made by tourism agencies in the Philippines and Vietnam to encourage the growth of Chinese tourism in their countries. Different marketing campaigns are made including engaging with the Chinese travellers through Chinese social media.

If your reasons for visiting Thailand are dining, nightlife and entertainment, your best option is to stay at a hotel in south Pattaya for easy access to your interests. There is a wide range of rooms to choose from that are suitable for both business and leisure travellers who want a unique adventure.

Guidelines Out For Banks On How To Sell Insurance Effectively

For those who are not familiar with what insurance is and how insurance really works especially to those who are not equally knowledgeable about the insurance industry, insurance is first and foremost, a precautionary measure to ensure that someone will take good care of your expenses come the time when you get sick or you got involved in a massive car accident. An insurance is simply that you are buying from an accredited insurance company in exchange for a monetary compensation as long as the claims being made for an insurance policy fall under the designated list of situations wherein the claimants can make claims. While having an insurance, a health insurance for example, proves to be beneficial especially for workers who belong to some of the hazardous industries in the world in terms of they will have some kind of comfort and peace of mind that their hospital expenses will be paid in the form of compensations, let’s not forget that the insurance industry is a complex industry to begin with. You have to remember that it’s not easy to find ways on how to sell insurance effectively considering the fact that prices have been going up as of late, making it more difficult for people to avail such services.

To be able to add up to the government’s initiative find more efficient ways on how to sell insurance effectively without asking for additional fees from clients, the Uganda government has announced through the Insurance Regulatory Authority that it has allowed banking institutions around the country to start insurance products. Regulations for the said initiative dubbed as the Bancassurance is now in the finalization stages and are said to come out anytime this July, 2017. With the regulations already in placed thanks to the already being-implemented Financial Institution Act of 2016, banks can now act as agents of accredited insurance companies in the said country and start selling different insurance policies to their respective depositors. In addition this, the Uganda government said that there will be no  limitations that will be set in terms of the number of insurance companies that a bank can partner with in the said regulations.