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Will Trump Resolve The Unfinished Business Of Obama’s Administration?

December 2008 was a month that businesses do not care to remember because it was on this month that they were forced to eliminate 695,000 jobs. Entire industries including banks and the automobile sector were on the brink of collapse but were saved by billions of federal dole outs. However, the present is a lot different from the past particularly with the desire of White House aides to put a positive spin on Obama’s legacy to the American people.

Last Thursday, Obama’s White House Council of Economic Advisers released the 8th and final Economic Report of the President, an analysis of the state of the US economy. If you will read carefully, you will notice some unfinished business of the Obama administration including what went wrong with the economy and where progress towards higher standards of living were virtually fleeting or nonexistent.

Listed below are some examples of unfinished business that will be passed on to Obama’s successor:

  • Weak productivity growth – Americans have become less productive. Technological progress has slowed down and the government did not have the tools to help.
  • Income inequality – the Obama administration has made some gains in the growing economy with higher minimum wage rates, laws favorable to labor unions and less regulatory barriers to people in their preferred working fields but it was not enough.
  • Labor force participation – unemployment rate dropped from a high 10% to 4.6% but it was helped by people reaching retirement age and people who dropped out completely from the labor force.
  • Economic sustainability – there is a great deal of work to be done with the US economy to make it more resilient when the next downturn hits the nation. However, there is no doubt that the US is in a better economic position than it was before Obama became president.

There are several reasons why companies need business process reengineering. Unproductive activities and redundant human labor can be removed to accelerate flow of information and get rid of job repetitions. Accountability is increased among workers and performance appraisal becomes easier because of fast feedback. Customer’s needs are fulfilled quickly to make them truly satisfied.

Ugly Sweaters An Undying Christmas Trend – But Where Do Sweaters Even Come From?

Christmas is once again just around the corner, and this is that time of the year where every now and then you see someone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in almost every corner. But who invented sweaters and how did it all come to be?

Knitted garments can be made up of various materials, a Christmas sweater or jumper is a clothing for the upper torso usually pulled over the head, with Christmas or winter theme designs. Every one of them basically has the same form but the idea of the designs drawn in them are endless. No one really knows who started it first but as early as 1980’s, regulars in television shows boast different kinds of what they dub as an ugly Christmas sweater. During the eighties, United Kingdom celebrities like Timmy Mallett and Giles Brandreth wears them on Christmas specials for their television shows, as well as singers Val Doonican and Andy Williams while they perform during the holidays. Also around the eighties, an Ireland popular TV show, The Late Late Show, have their hosts wear a broad collection of knitted ugly Christmas sweater during episodes aired during the holidays.

During the 1990s and 2000s, they became gag gifts that someone would be embarrassed by, probably attributed to the film Bridget Jone’s Diary. However, during the 2010s, online sellers and retailers report that sales of sweaters with Christmas themes rose to 600%. This is then followed by a number of celebrities seen wearing Christmas sweaters in public. It paved the way to be one of the season’s must-haves, a classic that will most probably not die. Nowadays, corporate Christmas parties are often in Christmas sweaters theme and even hold contests for the most creative, or ugliest, Christmas sweaters. It somehow adds a fun and light mood to these events, apart from making fun out of each other’s sweaters. Party organizers often end the event asking people in attendance to voluntary donate their Christmas sweaters for a chosen charity, usually for Children who will appreciate the colorful and fun designs, making it more meaningful and just appropriate for this season of giving.

Advantages Of Solar Power In Gold Coast

The advantages of renewable energy are unquestionable. With the more evident and pronounced effect of green house and climate change, governments all over the world are encouraging households to install renewable sources of energy for their power source at home. Gold Coast is not an exception. As a matter of fact, the federal government of Australia offers financial incentives to those who will install Solar Power in Gold Coast and in the entire country. In the beginning, a home owner might be encouraged to use solar power for the incentives but in the long run, when the home owner experiences the advantages of having solar power at home, he would greatly appreciate the global call to use more or renewable energy sources such as the sun. Here are some of the notable advantages of solar power:


Compared to paying for monthly electric bill with regular increases, electrical and wiring maintenance around the house and premises and installation fees if you are constructing a brand new house, the cost of installing and maintaining Solar Power in Gold Coast is way much cheaper. With solar power, you only get to spend a one-time payment for the installation and yearly maintenance and check up of the facility and nothing else. Your power source is free and so-far, unlimited. Forget about ballooning electric bills and let your solar panels save the day.


Using top of the range solar panels installed by qualified Gold Coast electrician guarantees a reliable solar power system at home. The solar power system itself is dependable but it will still not be functional without the expertise of a professional installer. Therefore, only entrust your installation and maintenance to qualified solar electricians. There are several companies and service providers in your area but do a little research to determine who among them is most trusted by customers.


The use of renewable energy like air, water and sunlight does not in any way damage the environment as it is emission-fee and does not leave carbon footprint in the process. This is timely for the continued degradation of Mother Nature.

Trucking Services And Experienced Truck Drivers Serving The American Economy

Serving the American Economy, jobs for truck driving have been in demand in the trucking industry to transport by land large quantities of finished products, works in progress and raw materials to distribution centers both retail and wholesale from manufacturing plants. The trucking industry is also important in the construction industry for the transport construction equipment and building materials overland. Trucks are needed to move concrete mixers, concrete, dirt, and large quantities of rocks. Most often than not, the trucking industry works hand-in-hand with warehouse industries in delivering services.

The trucking industry in the United States is essential to the economy for having the prime responsibility of the majority of the movement of freight across the country. Without it, the economy would be at a stand still. They travel long distances over land and therefore truck drivers require rigorous training prior to embarking on such a big task. These truck drivers require a CDL or a commercial driver’s license. Undergoing the CDL training prior to undertaking jobs for truck driving ensures that the drivers get adequate knowledge and training in handling and operating large vehicles. In addition to that, government regulation requires them to adhere a certain number of driving hours specially intended for commercial drivers.

The trucking industry has also benefited in the evolution of computers and technology. Nowadays, the efficiency of truck drivers in their responsibility has been aided with technological advancements brought about by the integration of the use of the internet and satellite communication. Technology increased the productivity of the drivers and the industry as well as their capability to save time and effort while doing their job. Also, with automatic transmissions being equipped on trucks, driver retention have been increased as well as reducing driver fatigue and accidents. This is because unlike manual transmission which requires more attention and skill, the automatic transmission has the truck gears synchronized.

The trucking industry has raised a concern among different organizations because of the vehicle emissions that contribute to the harm on the environment. Though they are essential to the economy, they are obliged to certain regulations in order to minimize harmful emissions. In connection to that, standards are being implemented so trucks reduce emissions of air pollutants to improve public health and air quality. That being said, truck driving is a profession not only vital to the growth of the economy but also observes environmental responsibility.