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Jumbo Outsources Its Payroll And HR Functions To Raet

Raet has recently announced that Jumbo Supermarkets is going to outsource its Human Resource (HR) and payroll processing subject to certain conditions. Outsourcing is part of the wide strategic plan of Jumbo to restructure the company and to focus more on its core business. Its retail accounting divisions has been sold to BDO and B.SIS was sold to Simac.

Jumbo has not disclosed any financial terms of the agreement but it said that employees from both divisions will be transferring to Raet. Raet is better known as a provider of cloud-based HR and Payroll software and the agreement perfectly matches with Raet’s strategies as provider of HR solutions. According to Ton van Veen, CFO of Jumbo Supermarkets, Raet was selected as service provider because it is a reliable partner and a leading player in the Human Resources market. Employees will be able to keep their jobs and continue working with Raet.

Jumbo cannot be considered as a small company. At present, it has 580 shops including 3 Food Markets. There are also 250 pickup points where customers can pick the purchases they made through the online website. The supermarket chain also provides delivery of purchases to its customer’s home. As a result, Jumbo was honoured as being the best supermarket in Netherlands for the 16th time.

In January 2016, Jumbo announced the restructuring of its headquarters staff because of they wanted to reduce their operational costs. Restructuring was the result of a rapid expansion following other acquisitions like La Pace chain of restaurants it acquired in January of this year. When HR functions are outsourced to Raet, Jumbo will benefit from cloud-based HR and payroll software. On the part of Raet, once it becomes successful in delivering self-service and talent management, it will enhance its credibility. If all the relevant hurdles are overcome by Raet and Jumbo, it will be an interesting story to follow.

The best way to simplify and amplify payroll management is through payroll outsourcing service. Instead of the cumbersome process of payroll calculation, payroll processing can be executed in a systematic and orderly way. The payroll system is compatible with external accounting systems and compliant with government standards.


End Of Lease Cleaning – How To Choose Contractor And Service Packages To Avail Of

Moving out can be tedious. Also, in ending a tenancy, tenants aim to get the complete bond back, which is why most people get commercial end of lease cleaning service done. There are many services available, it is up to the client which service is most suitable for. Getting end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is easy, as there are already a lot of companies in this business that are well experienced and knowledgeable with real estate requirements.

And by experience, most of those who does the cleaning on their own have had a hard time getting their bond back. Sure, anyone can clean a house, but those who are doing it professionally does so in a particular sequence and methodically, with the right tools and hacks. The most common notion is that cleaning on your own will save you bucks, but a regular 2 bedroom apartment takes about an entire day or two to clean by non-professionals. You will then have to take a leave from work, which will cost you a day’s pay, and risk not having your bond returned since real estate agents found a major cleaning situation that you have missed or just haven’t successfully resolved.

Professional companies specialising in end of lease cleaning in Melbourne have their cleaners trained and secured. An insurance is in place in case of damage to property during the duration of the cleaning. They are well informed of real estate requirements and have already dealt with the most difficult real estate agents and property owners before. To ensure that 100% of the bond will be returned, they follow up their service in the event that the owners or real estate agents have any cleaning complaints, and the follow-up service is free until all parties are satisfied.

There is a wide selection of services that can be availed of, and there are well put together packages for those who could not decide. Cleaners are also proactive in suggesting additional service needed upon actually assessing the property. Moving out requires a lot of work, not just cleaning. There are more important things to attend to than cleaning a messy house, and if professionals can do it then best leave it to them.

How to Choose An Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

The quality of the equipments you will use will have an influence on the product of your work. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance that you choose your industrial equipment manufacturer wisely. With all the manufacturers out there, choosing the right one could be a challenge. But you might get an idea or two if you would look at the following tips:

Years in the industry

One of the things that you should look into when looking for a manufacturer of industrial equipment is the number of years the manufacturers have been in the industry. The longer they been in operation means that they have a strong list of followers who trust their products. The number of years in operation means that they have perfected their manufacturing process thereby giving their customers high quality products with poured in innovation by their product makers.

Quality of service

You should also prefer industrial equipment manufacturer that are proven to provide quality service to their customers. You can tell if they are dedicated to pleasing their customers by they offer their services. They should be efficient and fast when responding to customer query and requests for quotes. To find out if your target manufacturer of industrial equipment provides optimum quality service, check for customer feedback on their website or you can also review discussion boards to find out what their previous and current customers have to say about the company.

Affordability of products

Apart from getting high quality products and accurate service, it would be best if you would opt for an industrial equipment manufacturer that offers products at competitive price and offers ways to reduce their customer’s expenses for industrial equipments. To find out how you can lower your expenditures, talk to the manufacturer’s customer service representative or agent to find deals and discounted items that you need. You can also request for quotation to find out how the company fares with their competitors in the market. You might also want to ask for quotes from other manufacturers to easily compare prices and decide where you are going to purchase your needed equipment.


An Accountant’s Guide To Surviving A Tax Investigation

Anyone whose financial dealings come under a tax inspector’s scrutiny needs to prepare for an emotional challenge. Denial and terror are the usual reactions followed by regret and anger.

Daniel Dover, a partner at BDO as well as a co-author of “HMRC – Her Majesty’s Roller Coaster: Hints on How to Survive a Tax Investigation,” shares his guide for surviving a tax investigation.

To stay calm

Tax is very complicated. It is important to stay calm and to find help from an expert and experienced adviser who knows how to resolve investigations and has information on how an auditor operates.

To not destroy any evidence

HMRC will assume that a person is hiding something when an evidence is destroyed. One should be prepared to secure some replacements. Then, he or she needs to work with his or her adviser to fill the gaps and do reasonable estimates.

To seek clarification

It is best to keep asking when there are certain points not understood. HMRC urges the tax inspectors to work together with the parties involved.

To not under-deliver and not over-promise

When it is impossible to meet a set deadline, it is helpful to talk to the Revenue, to describe the situation and to agree on a new time scale. When deadlines are missed, it increases penalties and results to formal information demands. When payments are needed, the tax man should be informed right away as missing the pre-agreed payments results in serious consequences.

To not assume

The Revenue has access to big amounts of data and will be able to get more. If there is an error in a return, do not assume that is all they are interested in as they will also want to check the other years.

To be honest

Full disclosure of all needed facts and an explanation on things going wrong is essential.

To be a step ahead

Each draft response should be read carefully. Answer a question and give supporting documents during a response.


Tax laws and legislations are complex matters that require knowledge and skills to understand. It is helpful for an average taxpayer to talk to audit insurance brokers in order to equip himself or herself with insurance especially when audit cases need to be defended. An insurance will cover those costs risks.


Industrial Cleaning Hazards And Risk – Why Professionals Should Do It

Most industries involve the generation or use of substances harmful to humans. Effects to the health can range from mild, such as a simple irritation, to serious illnesses like cancer. Adverse effects can be acquired from a sustained long term exposure, or from a single incident. When employed to do industrial cleaning, it is best to first assess the area so that the cleaners’ safety will not be compromised.

Risk Assessment

The entire process of industrial cleaning in Sydney begins mainly in an ocular visit for cost estimate and risk assessment. A risk assessment is a careful examination of whatever could possibly cause harm in the area, or how to prevent such from happening. Risk assessment is critical and must be conducted by a professional. In special cases, an occupational hygienist may be needed if the industry deals with dangerous substances.

Hazard Identification

An inventory will then be made of the hazards identified, so that on the actual delivery of the service, the cleaners will be prepared for certain risk avoidance and any plan of action in case of risk. There is already a list in place for standardised hazards for easy identification and classification.

Damage and Injuries

Between moving heavy equipment to handling chemicals, there is a lot of instances that things may possibly go awry. There is a possibility of damage to client property, damage to equipment, fatal chemical exposure, third party body injuries or employee occupational injuries. Companies engaged in industrial cleaning in Sydney protect themselves from financially losses with insurance policies.

Risk Management

To reduce the likelihood of accidents which may lead to death and financial losses, it would be best to properly train the cleaners. They should know proper wearing of safety and protective gears, proper lifting techniques and proper equipment operation. This will contribute in avoiding costly work injuries and lawsuits. It is necessary to use caution signs at all times. For example, whenever there is a possibility of fall hazard, a sign must be in place to warn passers-by to tread carefully.


Even the most cautious cleaning business may still experience unexpected losses from accidents. It would be best to supplement the risk management plans with insurance policies. Workers’ compensation insurance cover cost of hospitalization and care in case of occupational injuries, property insurance reimburses your business for damages in case of accidents and a general liability insurance covers the company’s legal expenses in case of lawsuits.


Take Care Of Your Tyres And Save Yourself From Buying A New Set

There is no way in telling a tyre’s exact lifespan. The mileage and lifespan of a tyre are affected by a combination of factors.

The Basics

Brisbane tyres are subject to several climates and seasons, road conditions and care that’s put into the maintenance of the tyres. The design, build and driver behaviour are factors as well. Even when not put to use, proper storage is needed to not damage the tyres. But, what exactly damages tyres?

Physical factors

Wear and damage pertain to driver behaviour, how often the vehicle is driven and the road conditions the vehicle is subjected to. Age is also important, after five years of use, Brisbane tyres should be thoroughly checked and inspected annually or bi-yearly by a professional. For safety purposes, even if the tyres look usable and just stored, ten years from manufacture date is the maximum life for tyres. This applies to spare tyres as well.


Though there are different tyres especially for a specific climate, and even tyres for all seasons, these conditions must be avoided as much as possible: snow, ice, extreme temperatures, and ozone.

External factors

Rubber must not be subjected to these factors as it will damage the tyres: chemicals, grease, oil and ozone

Neglecting maintenance

Neglecting basic maintenance is bad for the tyres, always make sure these components are checked: air pressure, alignment and rotation, storage for spares, routine check for wear and tear, use of unapproved sealants, balancing after fitting or replacement, and improper removal / removal / replacement. Air pressure directly affects braking, turning and fuel efficiency. Tyres in wrong pressure wear out faster and put passengers’ safety at risk. Check pressure regularly as tyres lose pressure every time.

Road conditions

Though sometimes inevitable, these road conditions must be avoided as it may hurt your tyres: potholes, obstacles, kerbs, sharp objects and speed bumps

Improper use

It is not advisable to mix tyre types in a vehicle, as well as using summer tyres on ice and winter tyres on hot asphalt. Always wear appropriate rim and wheel sizes compatible with the vehicle too. It is also improper to fit tyres with load compatibility and speed index that is equal or higher to what was originally specified by the manufacturer. It is also not safe anymore to reinflate tyres that had already run the road flat or tyres that were already under inflated seriously. Needless to say, a spare tyre of a different size than the rest should not be used at speeds exceeding 50 mph.

Rotate tyres

It is best to rotate tyres so it wears evenly. Have them rotated every 10,000km or twice a year or when it emits a humming sound even when driving on a smooth road. Rotate from front to back unless tyres have a different directional pattern then follow the arrows on t he sidewall.

Check Tread

Like tyre pressure, treads must also be checked, at least once a month and especially before driving long journeys. Things to look out for include tread wear bars, anything lodged on the tread and sawtooth patterns on edges.


Inbound Marketing Statistics Every Businessman Should Know

If you are in the field of business or entrepreneurship, you might be familiar with inbound marketing. There are many who have tried the method and found it effective, there are those who are yet to try with a burning question in mind, will it increase my revenue and not just look good in theory?

This is what many businessmen are after, the bigger picture. There are many things that one should know about inbound marketing but the most important is that you know how this method will help your business by making an impact. Here are three of the most important statistics involving inbound marketing.

Inbound campaigns result to higher return of investment (ROI). Every type of marketing requires some form of spending and this is what makes inbound marketing the most special among them. Companies are able to have higher return of investment. In fact, according to statistics they are able to achieve three times more before inbound marketing. If you are aiming to get the ROI you dream of, buying an ad space from the bus stop company will not cut it. Keep in mind that inbound marketing is good to be paired with outbound marketing though.

Conversion rate is higher. If you are getting leads then that is good news but what CEO would like to see is those leads filling up the form that are provided on the website. The main focus of businesses is not the leads but the actual customers that came from those leads. If sales is to increase, it will follow that revenue will also increase. According to statistics, around 42.2 per cent of companies that are employing inbound marketing have experienced an increase in their conversion rate with regards to lead to sales.

Marketing will help businesses save money. Many might question the investment they are making as they get higher sales as well as an increase in ROI. According to statistics, if companies are to invest more in inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing, they are able to save an average of $20,000 every year. This is a huge amount if you take into consideration the positive effect that inbound marketing is doing for your revenue. To achieve these statistics on your own company, hire crewdo.