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How Bait And Switch Scam Works In Carpet Cleaning

Adam Joseph Vallier traded under A Star Carpet Cleaning Ltd and Premier Carpet Cleaning Ltd from his addresses in Bournemouth and Dorset from 2014 to 2015. Vallier traveled around the country to offer cleaning of two carpets for a discounted price of £19. Most of his target customers consisted of elderly homeowners who were enticed by the special offer.

However, once Vallier’s operatives entered the home, the price of carpet cleaning immediately rose to £200. This type of scam is more popularly known as “bait and switch”. In order to give an impression of trustworthiness and reliability for consumers who make the effort to research online, Vallier published bogus customer testimonials. He also claimed that his operatives were skilled and qualified for the job of carpet cleaning although they were not. The work was not professionally done because carpet cleaning was undertaken without moving the furniture.

Vallier was also guilty of falsely claiming membership with National Carpet Cleaning Association. Since he did his trading under similar names to established businesses, they experienced the full force of complaints from disgruntled customers. It seems that Vallier was more interested in getting as much money as he could from customers that carpet cleaning was done haphazardly.

The special offer of £19 for carpet cleaning allowed Vallier through the front door. However, customers were prepared to provide evidences to bring Vallier to justice. Vallier has previously received advice from the local authorities about fair trading on two occasions. His customers were not adequately told of their rights to cooling off period that will allow them to cancel their contracts.

After a five-day trial last September, Vallier was found guilty of unfair trading and fraud and was given 12-month suspended sentence with 250 hours of community service. Consumers were advised to go to Buy with Confidence website for the list of approved traders in their areas.

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Tips On How To Choose A Plumber

There are several plumbers and plumbing companies in the industry today. With a few clicks on the web, you can easily find a number of plumbers who offer varied services. By mere looking at the numerous potential service providers, you could easily be confused as to which of them you are going to hire. The task is even more daunting if it is your first time to seek the assistance of a Pro-Jett plumber.  To help you choose the right plumber, take a look at the following ideas:

  • Visit their website. The website can say so much about the plumber or the plumbing company. It will reveal how serious they are in terms of getting the right impression from their customers and how keen they are in keeping their site updated. You will also get a lot of information by visiting your target plumber’s website. You will find out the different services that they offer and if they offer the kind of service that you need. You will also get their contact details and other relevant information that will help you decide in choosing a Pro-Jett plumbing company.
  • Read reviews. Reviews can be obtained from the plumbing company’s website. If the company doesn’t post customer reviews on their site, you can find them in other sources such as discussion boards and forums. Read customer reviews to have a better idea if you will get a satisfying service from the plumbing company or not. If there are more negative reviews from customers than positive ones, look for a different plumbing company.

Call them. Another way to help you decide which plumbing company you are going to choose is by actually talking with a plumber. By talking with a Pro-Jett plumber, you will know how professional they are and how expert they are on the matter. Although there are other ways to communicate with a plumber, calling is the best way to go. You will help make the job easier for the plumber and at the same time, it will also help you save time and money since the plumber will know exactly what he will be working on.


Top 3 Reasons For Undergoing Tree Lopping

There are several reasons why you should subject your trees to tree lopping Perth. For one, trees are essential in balancing the ecosystem and without them; majority of species on earth, including human beings will practically vanish on the face of this planet. Apart from that, here are some reasons why home and business owners alike, hire the services of an arborist to do tree lopping.

Aesthetic Purposes

Majority of those who obtain the services of tree loppers are those who want to improve their landscape or physical appearance of the area. With proper techniques, you can make your trees grow in a certain fashion with various shapes and sizes. With proper tree pruning, you can control the growth of your tree including its size. By modifying the shape of your tree through tree lopping Perth, you can have the landscape design that you have always had in mind.

Removal of View Obstruction

Another reason why trees are trimmed or lopped is for purposes of having a better view of the surroundings from the house interior. For this purpose, branches, some part of the trunk and limbs are removed from the tree in order for the home dwellers to enjoy the view without obstructions. In some instances tree lopping is also done to prevent the leaves from accumulating on the roof especially if the tree is too close to the house. At times, tree lopping is also necessary to prevent the tree from toppling down and damage the house or property in cases of bad weather.

Tree Preservation

One of the relevant reasons for tree lopping Perth is to preserve trees. This is particularly true in cases where a part of the tree is damaged by lighting or other natural causes. To save the remaining healthy parts of the tree, it is essential to remove the damaged area. By removing the damaged part, there is a possibility for the entire tree to decay and die eventually. Call a professional arborist today to get information how you can be assisted with. Make sure that you call nothing but the best in your area.


Getting To The Summit: Is It Really Progress For Vietnam?

If you read through all the newspaper regarding news about the cable car system, one will be able to realize that it has brought about big changes especially for the towns of Sapa and Fansipan. The legend which is the cable car system located in Fansipan has a total length of 6,282 meters. This was also given recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest cable car route in the world with only three ropes in its system. Each car has a capacity of transporting around 30 to 35 passengers at a time while the entire system is able carry a maximum weight of 2,000 individuals within an hour. The system was also designed to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions thus it is now possible for Fansipan to welcome tourists anytime of the day the whole year without restrictions.

Pham Quoc Long, one of the tourists coming from Hanoi, took his family to Fansipan for the very first time and he was very happy because it has been his lifelong dream to be able to stand at the so-called summit of Indochine. It was not possible before due to the dangerous trek but because of the cable car system, he was able to reach the summit along with his daughter and frail mother, 5 years old and 78 years old respectively.

Local economy in Sapa is soaring ever since the introduction of the highway route between Hanoi and Lao Cai which makes it easier for tourists to reach Sapa.

Despite the good news that the cable car system in Fansipan has brought about to the economy, many groups comprised of trekking advocates are quite disappointed with the construction of the cable car system. It used to be a three days trek going back and forth so one can reach the summit but now it can be accomplished in only 15 minutes. For trekking enthusiasts, this takes away the meaning of having to climb.

The traditional way can still be done for those who wish to experience the thrill of the trek while the cable car system will make things easier for people who can’t do so for various reasons. Now, tourists have more options when travelling from Hanoi to Sapa.

The Relationship Between Drug Abuse And The State Of The Economy

When the economy is bad, drug abuse increases because of the tendency for people who are suffering from economic deprivation to self medicate. However, there are also rare instances wherein the usage of certain drugs increases when the economy is booming. According to a white paper published by researchers from the Vanderbilt University, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the University of Colorado Denver, there is an undeniable and contrary relationship between drug abuse and the state of the economy.

According to the report that was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is very strong evidence that during an economic downturn, the use of substances like hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers’ increases. While most of the studies on drug addiction usually focus on alcohol and cannabis addiction the research made by Vanderbilt University and University of Colorado took into account illicit drugs other than marijuana.

Based on the data, while drug use tends to increase during economic difficulties, a certain number of drugs become popular when the economy is thriving. LSD is particularly pro-cyclical meaning that the drug is used during good times. Meanwhile, drugs like Ecstasy are counter-cyclical. The main takeaway here is the increase in substance abuse disorders during an economic downturn particularly hallucinogen and prescription pain relievers.

However, what is more alarming based on the results of the research is the significant cut in drug treatment policies during an economic downturn. To put it simply, it is a wrong move at a wrong time. The results of the research are very significant in understanding the optimal policy responses when the economy is booming and when there is a downturn. Most of the debates on public funding for drug treatment focus on penalties for drug use. The role of economic conditions is obviously ignored in the drug policies.

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