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Process Serving In The Digital Times

Lawyers that are working for WongPartnership were able to serve documents to the involved persona Mr. Chris Au last August 12 but they did not see him in person to do this. In a more modern setting, they sent the papers to Mr. Au through e-mail as well as social media platform Facebook.

This is said to be the first time that it has occurred ever since the High Court decided on March this year that court papers can be legally served by using online platforms such as Skype, Facebook as well as Internet message boards.

According to Zhuang Wenxiong, the assistant in the High Court, she was the one who gave the approval for the application of the papers to be served to the defendant who is currently in Australia because of involvement in a copyright lawsuit.

Traditionally, court documents must be served to the person involved in the case through another individual called process server. They are the ones that physically deliver the court papers to the intended party.

According to statement from the lawyers, the new ruling aids the court by being able to keep up with the latest innovation in technology thus resulting to a faster as well as cost-effective method of service.

Based on the judgment grounds that were published last May, Zhuang, the assistant registrar noted that if the new service which will be used as an alternative for the traditional method has proven to be efficient in delivering the notice required before the time set, the court must be approve such application to use alternative service by other methods aside from email.

In the most recent case, an application was made by the lawyers working for WongPartnership so they can serve the court notice to Mr. Au since they were not able to reach him personally.

Cheah Yew Kuin, an IP lawyer working for Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow said in a statement that online services such as social media platforms and email are just one of the many tools that can be used in order to notify the defendant regarding the lawsuit. This is an efficient alternative for a process server in case the defendant cannot be reached physically.

How Condo Projects Reshaped The Commercial Landscape Of Toronto

From January 2015 to June of this year, at least 97 condo projects with a total of 26,750 units sprouted in the city of Toronto to meet the demands of 100,000 people who flock to city every year. However, the development of condo projects has reshaped the commercial and retail landscape of the city. It was inevitable for some local business to be caught in the crossfire of residential development.

Some of the local businesses that have been in the city for quite a while were displaced from the popular bar that was the favorite of beer connoisseurs to the diner that is widely known for its Western sandwiches. On the other hand, the small businesses that stayed will gain many opportunities for new markets and new customers.

Bar Volo was a pioneer in the craft beer craze but it is closing its doors for the last time due to a condo project with 528 units. Lovers of the craft beer will have to walk for 5 minutes to reach the new location of the bar at 528 Church St. Tomas Morano who is a co-owner of the bar thinks that development is good for the city but it is changing the feel of the neighborhoods.

The Big Slice, a downtown pizzeria has fed countless numbers of hungry Ryerson students for the last 45 years but it is closing this spring to make way for two proposed condo towers. The loyal customers of the pizza joint as mourning the loss of their favorite Toronto landmark but it might re-open somewhere nearby.

The Canadiana Backpackers Inn is a popular spot in the entertainment district but it will soon be replaced by 40-storey condo towers with 426 units. Jim’s Restaurant that specialized in Western sandwiches is also slated to close because of a condo project that will be developed on the neighborhood.

Pattaya in Thailand used to be a quiet fishing village but it now lined with resort hotels, shopping malls and condominiums. It is very easy to find Pattaya condo for sale if you want a second home in the vibrant coastal city.

Site Helping With Rentals Through Letter Grades

It is almost impossible to discover any rental or landlord problems prior to signing a lease for a property since there isn’t a way to check its history entirely. However, Yale Fox believes that this check should be a standard practice. This is why his website Rentlogic which is currently still in beta mode makes it easier for possible renters to right away understand any problems associated with the property including a no good landlord.

Rentlogic assigns a letter grade to Manhattan’s 1.1 million residential properties or buildings using an algorithm. This is done using open source data like construction violations, mold problems or vermin infestations. The site allows a user to search for rental apartments or properties coming from listing feeds or brokerages. This is displayed from the best to the worst and by neighborhood. When a building has a low grade, other rentals with higher grades are displayed or shown.

Fox mentions that the playing field between the landlords and the renters is not equal due to the high rent offered by landlords while keeping their operating costs at a minimum. He views his web site as a “smart city movement” instead of it being a part of the business of real estates. He hopes that through technology, urban life is improved. He hopes that it helps renters set the difference between good and bad landlords while pushing the bad to be good.

An example of an “F” rating property is one that has a history of issues like heat plus hot water problems while facing legal problems. This property also includes infestations from roaches, mice and bed bugs problems. Most of the Manhattan buildings got a rating of B at almost 35%. 21% were Cs, 19% were Ds and 16% per Fs. Only 9% scored As.

According to Aaron Carr of the Housing Rights Initiative, this is incredibly needed since many renters spend a huge amount of their money on rent alone. He applauds the site’s ability to get information that is usually kept hidden and hard to comprehend. With this innovation, renters are already informed of even the slightest information in a rental like its facilities or Bathroom Furniture to many more relevant information.

The Growth Of Coworking Spaces And Serviced Offices

Several communities from all over the world are sharing their office spaces with other people from different fields while using laptops and smartphones as their portable offices. A growing number of people are turning to this kind of environment, a different work environment, that is.

Even though informal offices have always been present, the rise of coworking spaces having lower membership costs are becoming more attractive to new companies or startups needing serviced offices as well as independent individual workers wanting a flexible professional working environment.

Coworking spaces are similar to fitness or gym memberships. They both shy away from long-term commitments. There are spaces available for $60 per month for a single use of a workstation or desk, and there are also other spaces offering locked offices or serviced offices.

With this growing rise in coworking spaces, some focus on scale by building several locations worldwide. This broad worldwide network allows their members to use spaces in multiple locations, and this is extremely helpful for traveling members.

The origin of this coworking space trend is arguable. A few trace it back to one hacker space that opened in 1995 in Berlin while others trace it back to a collaborative workspace that opened in 1999 in New York. The official one opened in San Francisco in 2005. Hubs followed in Berlin and London. The field has been growing ever since.

A survey reported that there are over 7800 coworking spaces found worldwide by October 2015. Of these coworking spaces, it was reported that there were only 75 from 2007. This rose to 3400 during 2013. These workplaces have 500,000 members and more which is growing tenfold from 2011. There is a projected growth to 10,000 and more coworking spaces in 2016 according to the survey. These growths are in multiple countries but are expected in the countries of Thailand, India, Canada, Australia, France and Italy.

Whether based through Serviced Offices Bangkok or in a coworking space in Melbourne, these spaces are hugely becoming a dominant part not only for startups but also among individuals like consultants or even employees working remotely from their main offices.