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Introducing Robb Report’s Car Of The Year: The 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB

April 5, 2016 – Super cars are classified as one of the best and most expensive sports cars right now and due to their incredible price, which is mostly over $100, 000 these high-end sports cars are considered more as a way for people to show off and as status symbols. However, their exceedingly high price makes them highly efficient and luxurious vehicles. Super cars are known for their speed, power and the ability to gather attention. But how do you determine the best among such cars? Is there a standard that they have to meet to become a winner or is there a special judge such as the president who chooses which car bests out the others? Is there even a winner at all? Apparently for Robb Report, there is.

Robb Report is a respected luxury lifestyle magazine that features luxury products from automobiles to watches and even real estate. The magazine is known to pit luxurious car brands like Ferrari, Tesla, Alfa Romeo, and McLaren against each other and this year, it would seem that the magazine had made a good decision for choosing the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB as car of the year.

The magazine unveiled its “Car of the Year” in its April issue and they didn’t just pick a car out of the 13 high-end creations of Tesla, Ferrari, and McLaren and more, they turned them against each other.

How the winner is determined had greatly changed over the year. Brett Anderson, editor-in-chief for the magazine, had revealed that before they would just get in the cars and then make a decision but after a few years they had to shake up the contest and from an editorial it soon became a reader’s choice, which means that readers are actually the ones who choose the winners.

Anderson said that they would invite drivers and owners of these types of cars to offer their perspectives. The event is also a fundraiser which has raised about $200,000,000 since 2003. According to Anderson, they all take the event seriously, taking their time to drive the cars. He said that it was so obvious that the Ferrari 488 GTB was going to win that nobody wanted it to win. But in the end, they did decide to stick with the best and now they have their car of the year.

The luxury car has an outstanding Ferrari 488 price with $275,000.