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Companies Without Legal Advisers To Be Sued By Bar Association

JBA or Jordan Bar Association has recently announced that they will be taking legal action when it comes to companies that are found to be without legal advisers. This is in violation to the 2014 JBA Law which states that lawyers should be assigned by the company as their legal advisers. The announcement was made by one of the officials from Jordan Bar Association last December.

The law was amended and was sent for endorsement last July 16 of the year 2014. After the endorsement, it only took three months before it came into effect. According to the Vice President of Jordan Bar Association, Rami Shawawreh, the lawsuits should be expected by the violating companies around February or March of 2016.

Mr. Shawawreh revealed that proper memorandum was already sent by the Jordan Bar Association to the companies but many are still not committed in implementing the amended law. He noted how the decision to hire legal advisers can benefit the company as well as the clients under them. Not to mention the number of lawyers that will be employed by different companies if the law is implemented and followed properly.

The article is already one of the laws listed in the 1895 Jordan Bar Association Law but the recent 2014 amendment lowered the capitals of the companies that were included in the scope thus the increase of the number of the companies involved as well.

Mr. Shawawreh recited that according to Article 43 found in the JBA Law, joint stock companies whether public or private, firms with limited liability that have minimum capitals of JD20,000 and foreign companies including their branches, agencies, offices in different regions and representatives are mandated to acquire legal services.

Another official from JBA also added that companies as well as institutions that are registered under free or development zones, Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority and Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority are not exempted no matter the capital involved.

As of last month, only 7,500 out of 40,000 affected companies have acquired their legal advisers. For those looking for a legal adviser in Bangkok, contact