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Will El Paso Become The New Home For Korean American Apparel Industry?

According to industry sources, as much as 100 businesses with at least 50 based in Los Angeles are considering a move to El Paso, Texas. Most of these businesses compose the jobber’s market of Downtown fashion district. It seems that El Paso might eventually become the next home of the Korean American apparel industry.

Early this month, a group of local organizations composed of Korean American apparel manufacturers, garments and textiles reportedly came to an agreement to find a more effective solution for the Korean American clothing industry. These businesses make up at least a third of the fashion district. Korean-owned apparel-related businesses form the center of a local web of banks, realtors and restaurants that compose one of the cities’ most concentrated industries.

The Korean American Garment Industry Association (KAGIA) stated that it would lead the efforts to begin the move. Recent federal raids involving money laundering have driven away customers. Last year, the jobber’s market was surprised when the federal raid turned the district upside down to uncover millions of dollars of laundered money. The jobber’s market has suffered from downsizing in the last 20 years from 104,000 jobs to 45,600 because many manufacturers have moved to countries with cheaper labor.

There are also plans to raise the state minimum wage to $10 an hour. The apparel manufacturers are looking forward to relocate to El Paso because it has a skilled labor force with looser labor enforcement and no state income tax.

Lee Jung-soo, the president of KAGIA vows to support apparel businesses that are looking for a better production environment through relocation. According to KAGIA at least 7 businesses have already made the decision to move. The rest of the businesses in the Downtown fashion district are expected to relocate their factories the soonest time possible before the minimum wage rate is increased to $10 an hour for the coming year.

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Protecting Your Home from Burglary

If a thief has successfully made his way into your house, how will you stop him from leaving your house with your valuables? Experts will recommend that it is always a good idea to separate the costume jewelry from those items that are more expensive. Consider having a safe where you can store these pricey or priceless materials whether that is jewelry, personal information and even guns.

Burglars will have a difficult time opening a safe. Most of the time, burglars do not really know how to open these items. Furthermore, safes are very heavy and the burglar would be inconvenienced if he carries it with him. Additionally thieves are trying to get as much as they possibly can in the least amount of time and then move on to their rendezvous or to another target house. As a precaution, you also need to have a safe place to hide in your house in case the thief breaks in and you are home. Keep in mind that most burglaries happen during broad daylight.

Experts recommend that you should have a room that is called the safe room. It is in this room that you will retreat in times when you are in danger. It will also help and buy time if your bedroom door is equipped with a deadbolt lock. Police officers recommend that you stay inside the safe room while the burglars are in the house. Also, you need to be reminded that you should never confront a burglar since you will never know how they will react.

Having an alarm system in place like the iHome Alarm Systems will be a great deterrent for burglars. However, if you are tight on budget, you can do some preventive measures like trimming your hedges and bushes so that the burglars cannot hide. Ensure also that you check your doors and make sure that you they are safe and are secured. Install also a peep hole on your door. You should never open your front door when you do not know who is knocking and make sure that you have the number of the police so that you can readily call them if ever someone suspicious lurks around.

A New Kind Of Mattress

When it comes to consumer products, the mattress has become simpler by the day. A mattress need not get smaller, faster or lighter. It does not have to charge more quickly neither should it use lesser amount of energy. Since bedding now involves chemical formulas which are rather complicated compared to reeds and horsehair, the mattresses are primarily still a puzzle of textiles.

There are a lot of consumers who are not satisfied with the current mattresses that they have. In surveys conducted by manufacturing companies, many report of back pains after lying on the mattress bed. A cushy mattress is what consumers are looking for. One customer, Jeff Holt, could not anymore take the pain that his mattress gives him and so decided in the middle of the night to order a new one from a more trusted supplier. What most people do not know is that there are companies that are manufacturing and selling mattresses that are soft, foldable, without nay springs, can be squished and stuffed into boxes the size of a washing machine. The companies making these revolutionary mattresses are often referred to as “bed-in-a-box” companies. The mattresses are placed inside a box before they are shipped all over the US. When customers cut open the box, the foam will automatically inflate. This mattress is like one of the dinosaur toys that will swell when placed in water.

The idea was warmly welcomed by manufacturing companies since it was a simple product to create, a great source of quality place to sleep for customers and producing the product will cut out middleman. Companies can also save by skipping store leaser and invest the amount saved to lower prices in the final products. This will attract more customers and improve marketing of the products. A venture capitalist, Ben Lerer of the Lerer Hippeau Ventures and, was thrilled with the idea. His company led a $1.6 million investment in the said product in February of last year. The product soon made it to the market and is now greatly valued by customers. The unique mattress sale has found popularity among customers.