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Is Adobe Flash Slowly Dying?

The rumors about the early demise of Adobe Flash are exaggerated because it is still alive although not as vigorous. It has been 5 years since the late Steve Jobs published his thoughts on Flash on the grounds that is was proprietary, unreliable and insecure not to mention that it drains mobile batteries very quickly.

Today this cross development tool is being plagued by several issues particularly on security so that it prompted Mozilla into blocking Flash plug-ins in Firefox. Google also made a move to block Flash content on its Chrome browsers and it has converted most Flash ads on AdWords Systems into HTML5. Amazon has entirely stopped from accepting Flash ads entirely.

Why was there a move to block Flash plug-ins and ads? Because there is a rise in mal-advertising. Most of these advertisements were written in Flash that contains malicious codes. Security firm Cyphort reported that the incidences of mal-advertising have risen by 325% in the last year.

Mal-advertising started last fall and it can be synced with the Flash Player debacle. It was also in July when Facebook’s CSO announced that it is time for Adobe to renounce the end-of-life date of Flash so that it can pave the way to disentangle the dependencies and upgrade the whole ecosystem.

Most security officers and consumers are fed up with Flash because of the need for security patches for different platforms. On the other hand, there are still a lot of Flash admirers among Flash developers who have built up their skills and experience.

On the other hand, most web developers have predicted that Flash will be going downhill that is why they have shifted to Cross-Platform Product Designer in HTML5. HTML5 is not direct replacement to Flash because it also has its share of limitations.

Web developers are now making the effort to train in Cross-Platform Product Designers in HTML5 as well as JavaScript so that they can make themselves more saleable. Starting early and gaining more experience in HTML5 programming language is important to stay ahead of the pack of ex-Flash developers. There is competition and sometimes available work will require HTML5 skills and experience.

Why Some Stores Are Not Opening Shop on Thanksgiving Day

Holidays are just around the corner and retailers are busy planning for window displays and creating a festive atmosphere that will attract customers. Stocks, inventories, retail gift bags and gift wrapping materials are also being prepared to meet the influx of customers. National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that retail sales will rise by a modest 3% during the holiday season this year and national sales are expected to reach the $630 billion mark.

The last two months of the year are expected to make up for 19% of the industry sales for 2015. In 2014, holiday shopping grew by 4.1% because people had more money to spend. During the recession, Black Friday deals were critical because it has a tremendous impact on the way people shopped. Consumers pinched pennies and tightened their belts and whatever money they had in their pockets were used smartly.

Retailers have to prepare for the two types of shoppers: those who are looking for good deals and those who are willing to pay more for convenience. It is 44 days to go before Black Friday and it is expected that plenty of people will stand in line at stores on Thanksgiving night. Shoppers will be waddling through the parking lots with their retail gift bags overflowing with purchases. However, many people will avoid shopping during holiday weekend and will opt to watch football instead from the comfort of their living rooms.

There are retailers like Staples, GameStop, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Burlington Coat Factory and Cosco that have decided not to open shop on Thanksgiving Day. For stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, this makes sense because it is very costly to have employees report on Thanksgiving. They are high end stores and their customers are not driven by sales.

For Staples and GameStop, they want their customers and employees to enjoy Thanksgiving but their stores will be open by 6 AM on Black Friday. This stance is to protect the family during an important holiday. Consumers do not have wait for the holidays to enjoy good deals on items they want. Now you can go to JC Penney or Best Buy and find slashed prices on a Saturday or Sunday.

The Rising Demand For Skylights For Home Improvements

Home extensions have always been a popular way of adding space to a home. It also helps in bidding extra time for the family before needing to upsize. However, although home extensions are useful in providing the much needed extra space, it also has the potential to plunge a property into darkness when there isn’t enough natural light coming through.

Sunsquare, a company that makes skylights for flat roofs, experienced a sudden increase in business over the past few years because people have become more willing to tackle home improvements like extending the kitchen and adding another bedroom.

Kitchens are now considered as the heart of every family because it is the room that frequently gets use. In order to make the kitchen feel more open and to cut down on the use of light bulbs, it makes sense to use skylights. Rising energy costs have led to more publicity about the benefits of skylights. Sometimes, when a room is extended, it blocks the entry of natural light making a room look dark. With the skylights, the amount of natural light is increased and homeowners have less need to use electric lights in dark rooms during the day.

A fast rise in orders for skylights from Paris, London and even New York is mainly due to homeowners attempting to make the best from their cramped quarters. Besides that, homeowners are not required to get planning permission to install roof lights or skylights unless they protrude over the edge of the roof or open too widely.

Extending the home underground has become rather common and Sunsquare is always commissioned for skylights that sit on the ground for basement extensions. This is generally big change for many homeowners because they are using space that used to be overlooked. Others are having flat roof extensions so that they can create an extra garden area.

In the highly specialized category of home improvements, house extensions Perth has the experience in designing and building home renovations, extensions and second story additions. Homeowners are guaranteed of close and expert attention every step of the way for a genuinely competitive fee.

The Advantages of Steel Gates and Doors

When you are considering placing some safe features in your house, you may find that security gates and doors are great additions. You need to understand their benefits in order to help you decide if you should buy these or not.

  • Security. By placing steel security gates or doors, you can make your house safer by preventing people that are unwanted from approaching your house. This type of security for your house will give you more control. It will enable you to operate these security features from inside your house with the help of buzzer and camera. Before someone can enter your front door, you can decide for yourself if you want them to come in or not.
  • Parking. If your property is so vast or large, you will find that you will be having a problem with people parking on your land and hindering you from doing so. You can make use of steel security gates as these will help you ensure that this trespassing will not happen. This gives you some control on your property.
  • Safety. If you have a garden at home, purchasing steel security gates is important. Once ensured that these gates are kept closed, this will prevent the risk of pets and small children from wandering in your garden or driveway and getting harmed or lost.
  • Deterrent. The most obvious benefit of security gates is that it provides intruders in gaining access to your house. They will also act as deterrent. Having steel gates will make the burglars or criminals think twice before even attempting to do malicious things in your home since it will be very difficult to do so.
  • Maintenance. Choosing secure steel gates or security doors Perth is a great way in providing your house with a method of protection which will not require a great amount of maintenance. They can be easily cleaned from insects and other debris with the use of cloth or standard cleaner in houses. Likewise, it is prudent to check hinges and latches for any signs of rust regularly. This type of gate also prove to be stronger compared to other types of gates.