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Bathroom Designs In 2015

If you are contemplating on giving a fresh new design for your bathroom you can start by looking at the latest designs or trends. In designing bathrooms, you have to be creative and imaginative. You have to use the right colors and place the appropriate bathroom furniture accordingly. To help you make up your mind, listed below are some of the hot bathroom designs that critics are expecting to do well this year.

1. Add a playful art to your bathroom floor by featuring elegant and colorful floor tiles. These statement tiles had made its big break in the bathroom world last year and it is expected that this trend will continue this year. Bathrooms with feature floor are stunning. Feature floors likewise provide the designer or owner a design opportunity in working with bathrooms that are challenging.

2. Design the bathroom by getting inspiration from nature. We all want a bathroom that is serene, relaxing and welcoming. What better way to provide this comfort by warming the hard room and infusing the space with a vibe that it very natural. This trend will be one of the key trends this year says a top designer. You can introduce natural stones and place wood look tiles.

3. Place live plants inside your bathroom. Many are hesitant to have indoor plants. Try this design this year. You can even go for the more sophisticated hanging potted plants.

4. Do you want a bigger bathroom? Another trend this year is the master suite retreat. This is great for people who do not want their bathroom space tucked in a corner, out of sight. This type of design is connected to the bedroom and is very open to the bedroom. People can see their basins, bathroom furniture and other custom vanities from inside the bedroom.

5. 2015 is the year to say goodbye to basin faucets and basic shower fixtures. Remake your bathroom by incorporating more user-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures. You can use thermostatic mixers, touch screen showers and mixers that can readily control different water sources. You do not only have a great design and bathroom fixture but you get to save on utility bills since there is a water control flow system in these sophisticated fixtures.

How Web Designs In 2015 Will Look Like

It is crucial for every business to build a website that leaves a mark in their client’s mind. Developing websites is never easy that is why there are certain professional groups that have solely devoted their efforts in building their customers the best website. Perth Web Design ( is one of these companies. The professionals at Perth Web Design ensure that their customers get the best of their unique services. The web design is also superbly executed and clients can customize and suggest whatever they have in mind in order to make the website more friendly, informative and functional.

If the year 2014 has seen a variety of improvement and trends for the industry of web development, 2015 brings another set of flavor to the table.

The trend of User Interface animations

Last year, we saw action or motion in web designs but somehow, it felt too simple and we wanted to see more of it. This year there will be more moving backgrounds. Several animated GIFs and animations will be incorporated in web sites. How are these animations evolving at such quick speed? There are tools used like GreenSock that helps post-Flash animations to get better.

This year, expect for a level up in UI animation. You will also see the rise and improvement of various tools that create these animations.

Increase Usage of Card Design

The card used in mobile and other devices is increasingly popular these days. The content of these tiny parcels of hardware is very critical in the functionality of the devices.

The card has been evolving and there are different important areas that are considered when developing it. Card platforms are varied and could range from the mobile card driven engines, to Wildcard, Pinterest, Twitter, Apple glances, Google Now and the open graph of Facebook. This year, there will be more applications embedded in card designs.

More design languages

Google’s Material Design was introduced last year. Using this design language, one is able to implement its use in different websites and applications. This design was quickly followed by Zurb’s Foundation. It is expected that this year, other companies will follow the foot prints of Google to produce different design languages that will meet the various needs of devices as well as browsers.