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The Appeal of Radio to a Wide Audience

Television was introduced in the late 1940’s, and it became part of everyday life as a source of entertainment, information, and news. However, one serious concern about television is the audience is generally the younger population. On the other hand, a greater portion of adult television audiences have shifted their attention to digital media and spend less time watching TV. Radio is driven largely by the length of commute that consumers have to suffer. Radio listeners have increased positively because mobile phones have FM radio features.

Wider choice of options on the radio

Over the last decade, the number of radio listeners has increased because they have more options to choose from due to the multiple stations that aim to satisfy specific preferences. For advertisers, their radio listeners are fragmented which requires that they buy multiple stations to achieve a relatively large audience reach. While technology has stolen some of radio audiences, radio remains to be a cost effective medium for advertising and promotions compared to buying a few seconds from primetime TV. Besides that radio has a wide geographic share and mobile phone technology has enhanced radio listening. Thousands of radio stations can stream their content online and gain immediate interaction from their listeners.

The benefits of radio

•    It has targeting capabilities
•    It provides one-on-one connection with audiences
•    It builds frequency quickly
•    It offers advertisers the opportunity for appealing community involvement
•    There is no seasonal listener erosion

The drawbacks of radio

•    It lacks visual content
•    Advertisers need to buy from multiple radio stations to reach a wider audience
•    Peak radio listening is in the morning when people want to catch up on the latest news. There are relatively low audiences during the day, but it peaks during the evening while employees are caught in traffic on their way home.

Radio as an out-of-home (OOH) advertising

Radio if combined with OOH has the potential to reach mobile audiences and can easily maintain the market presence of a brand that has been featured on radio after the audience has switched to another station. OOH can increase the reach of a radio advertising campaign by ensuring that there is a broad market appeal to radio listeners.