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Tips For Businesses To Make 2015 Their Best Holiday Season Ever

Since early 2000, Black Friday has always been considered as the start of Christmas season shopping. Retailers start to offer their stuff with low, low prices and unbelievable discounts. However, Black Friday is not the only busiest time for shoppers with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These monikers are now household names and it means that people can now start shopping early. It is expected that you are now starting to promote your business and this is crucial to create awareness among online customers. Remember that competition is stiff and you have to put your best foot forward so that you can gain the benefits of holiday shopping.

Best advice to businesses to make 2015 their best holiday season

Stay active on social media platforms – it is for your best interests to spread your brand through social media. According to John Oechsle, the president and CEO of SwiftPage, social media provides businesses with an opportunity to interact with prospective customers who are looking at holiday recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Promote early and make use of holiday incentives to increase conversions.

Offer in-store pickup – with the recent results of Black Friday where a greater portion of sales were generated through mobile shopping, brick and mortar shops are starting to get worried that physical sales might be eclipsed by online shopping. One example of a smart strategy is in-store pickup option for online purchases. This option creates a better connection between online and in-store customer experience.

Ensure you have mobile presence – your business website must be accessible from any platform. Customers have their preferences and you need to make it easy and simple for them to shop online through their desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is not a secret that almost all individuals have their mobile phones and businesses should not overlook this opportunity to interact with their customers.

Freebies offer additional value – nothing can gain a customer’s attention more than the offer of a freebie. Freebies do not necessarily have to be expensive, you can offer free gift wrapping or an extended guarantee on electronic items. This will help mitigate the impact of customers comparing prices across different ecommerce sites.