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President Trump’s FDA Choice Could Affect San Diego Biotech Industry

With the current events happening in the US, people are paying close attention to the White House and how it affects the rest of the country. Recently, President Trump announced his decision to nominate Dr. Scott Gottlieb as the Food and Drug Administration’s Commissioner. This simple statement of a nomination will have ramifications across the country, considering how important the post of FDA commissioner is for the country’s biotech and medical industries, meaning that all everyone who utilizes a medication, HCG supplement, or any medical drug will take note of the aftereffects.

Scott Gottlieb is a practicing physician, and a health policy analyst. He also works as the New York University School of Medicine as clinical assistant professor, and has published several works, being a regular contributor to both the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He is, notably, a cancer survivor.

According Jimmy Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer of Biocom, the Life Science Association of California, Dr. Gottlieb makes for a good choice due to his qualifications and past history, on top of the fact that he acted as the FDA’s deputy commissioner under George W. Bush’s administration.

Jackson states that Dr. Gottlieb has a considerable amount of experience with the both the market and the people of the industry to bring in positive changes for biotech all over the country, starting at Biocom’s local territory of San Diego and the California region. He points out that having worked with big name companies, means that Gottlieb understands the industry, whilst his experience as a doctor and cancer survivor allows him to empathize with patients, allowing him to balance the needs of either in order to help the FDA perform its role for the country better.

He states that if someone as decorated and knowledgeable with the biotech industry as Gottlieb is made commissioner, the industry will see an increased amount of investment, on top of seeing faster innovations, as well as tackling the whole issue with generic drugs in America.

If this decision proves itself promising, those who worry about their medications or their HCG supplement may have less to worry about.