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Weight Loss Plans To Try This 2017

It is not surprising that every start of the New Year, thousands of Americans are setting their own goals or what we often termed as New Year’s resolution and on top of the list is weight loss. For this year, many of these people will attempt other weight loss programs and exercise routines in order to lose weight. Here are some of the trending weight loss programs and diets that will dominate 2017.

  • Blue Zone. This is a simple diet plan that was originally done by people who have lived for more than a hundred year old. The diet requires the individual to avoid consuming foods that are greasy, fried and processed while making sure beans and plants are added into their diet. In case of meant, small portions should only be eaten which is around three to four ounces. It is best to eat the smallest meal during early evening or late afternoon. People who are on this diet should stop eating as soon as they feel 80 per cent full.
  • This diet is quite a trend nowadays and is a lifestyle rather than just a diet plan. People on this diet consume animal meats that were obtained in a sustainable manner. The animal should only feed from grass and should be organic. Seafood eaten should be caught from the wild while consuming a lot of vegetables at the same time. Fruits, nuts, seeds and quality fats such as avocado oil, coconut oil olive oil, ghee and duck fat are also included.
  • This is quite similar to Paleo but is a four-phase diet plan that requires high level of protein and lower volume of carbohydrates. The first phase should have lean protein such as eggs, chicken, fish and turkey but fats and vegetables should not be consumed.
  • 5:2 Diet. This diet does not only promote weight loss but also aids in the functions of the brain as well as lengthen the life of a person. Normal diet can be consumed by people in this diet for 5 days each week while the remaining two days is for fasting.

While these diets might not have the same effect on each individual, there are many other options available such as 5:5:5 diet, weight watchers and HCG drops.